World Water Day

Hello my readers! A very good day to you all. As you all know, March 22nd is observed as ‘World Water Day’. So, here I am with my ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’. Yes, again rhyme. But this time, I am happy because my daughter actually read this verse and she really liked it. Her favourite line from this verse is “‘No water’, and she threw the bomb”.

My daughter enacts every lines from this verse. I find it very cute and hence this verse is special to me.

A month before, Mumbai ran out of water and this verse is somewhat about it. So happy reading.


World Water Day

Rita and Amita, good friends
loves to make reels and make it trend.

Dancing and hoping all day
and in the end, their faces were all gray.

Hungry and thirsty, they went to mom
“No water”, and she threw the bomb.

Rita went to shop, to buy water jar
but “it’s not available, it’s very far”

Amita searched it online,
but “out of stock” was their headline.

Then papa came home, playing cricket,
“I have to take a bath” was the big-ticket.

Utilizing the only bucket, full of water, they had,
everyone had to wait for the pipeline to get repaired.

The whole day, without food, without water, they somehow managed
but thinking life without water, they all were emotionally damaged.

That one day, they were in stress
but in the end, receiving water was a bless.

They learned a lesson to save and store
and this is not rocket science, you should not ignore.

Really blessed you are, with access of water
some cry and beg for it, some paid high-price for her

Life without water is nothing and vegetable
so let’s take a pledge, this world water day,
to conserve and use it wisely,
else it will be inaccessible.


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Mumbai – The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

Well, everybody knows that Mumbai is a Dream City. People come to Mumbai, because Mumbai never sleeps.
Whether it is a terror attack or floods, very next day, Mumbai is always on track.

This Mumbai City does not need any introduction. The word ‘Mumbai’ is enough to say what do you want to mean.

The Best of best thing I love about Mumbai is the ‘Food’. In every corner, you will see stalls and people willingly eat such Street Food.


The very first favorite food is not at all healthy, But you cant ignore it. If you have one, then you will feel to have one more & more & more. It is none other than ‘Vada Pav’. This Vada Pav does not need any introduction. Vada Pav is ‘D-Great-Vada-Pav’.

If you have Vada Pav from Jambo Vada Pav Center Or Surbi Or Jain, then you are wasting your money. You Should eat Vada Pav made at Stalls and those are really awesome at taste.

Mumbai - The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

The second favorite food item is again not so healthy, But this one also you cant ignore. It is none other than ‘The Paani Puri’. Again if you having this Paani Puri under big brand names, then you are missing that taste. You should have Paani Puri at stalls with Ragada or Moong, Very Spicy Green (Pudina) Paani & Dont forget to have “The Masala Puri” at the end, for free.  Girls usually say, “Bhaiya, Paani Puri aur spicy banao”.

Mumbai – The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

The next is Sev Puri / Bhel Puri.  This stalls is more in numbers than Paani Puri. But Mumbaikars prefer Paani puri, more than Sev Puri.

The next in queue is Sandwich, Dosa and Ragada Pattice.  Mumbaikars will eat such items at any time.  You will get at least basic items of Sandwiches and Dosas. People often have Sada Dosa, Onion Dosa Or Masala Dosa in their Lunch time. So non-mumbaikars don’t think that such stalls will not do business during day time. In fact, They do business a lot during lunch & dinner time.


And at  Dinner time, you will get to see ‘The Pav Bhaji’ Stall. Mumbaikars do have Pav Bhaji in restaurant but if you see Pav Bhaji stall, then you will surprise to see the crowd waiting for their plates. Such stalls even offer Masala Pav, Khada Pav Bhaji & Rice Phulav.

Such stalls do more business then the food court in the Mall. If you have opened your stall outside Mall, and you are offering at the same rate, but with more quantity & taste, then Mumbaikars will come to you.

Mumbai – The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

If you are non-mumbaikar, then you will surprise to see Puri-Bhaji stall, Chapati / Paratha stall, Chaas (butter milk) Stall, Home-made Chicken Gravy & Rice Stall, varieties of Egg, varieties of Franky, Shawarma etc.  You will even see momos, Juice stall and many other stall. Even some places have Non-Veg Khababs Stall.


If you visit Mumbai’s beaches, then you will see ‘The Gola Stall’. The multi-colored and multi-flavored ice. You will re-birth the child within you, while having this. And the best part, no one cares when you make that funny noise (Ssssuuuuuuuuuu) while having this. Everybody enjoys making that noise.

Mumbai – The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

How can you forget the main stall. The only stall in Mumbai, who does more business and his stall will never fail. and that stall is none other than – ‘The Tea Stall’.

Mumbai – The City Where Mumbaikars Are Proud to Be Foodie

If you are in Mumbai, you will never be hungry. You will get food at every corner and at every place.

Now I am Hungry. My all time favorite is the Vada Pav & Chai.