The Rhymester In Me.

Hi, Hello my readers. I wrote my last two posts in a rapidness. Since I don’t get time to write, whenever I get a topic or content, I finish in one time frame. I know the time when I get hits to my blog, and hence I always write content like a race, forgets to reframe the sentence and publish the same within 2 hours. I do so, because I am a little bit scared to publish the content the next day. I don’t know whether I will be free at that time to publish the same. And after publishing, I literally take an hour to promote the link on all social media. So after the sudden decision of writing and publishing within 2 hours, My mind is completely featureless to think about new topics. To get the topic, I started searching the internet, and started reading other bloggers’ posts so that I can at least get some hints from their posts. So was one post about life but in composition.

So I’m thinking of trying something new today. I have written many articles about my life, about my profession. But this time I want to try something new. So, what’s new? Well, I was thinking about the topic and it just came to my mind that I have never done poetry. So let me try this time. To be honest, I have never done poetry in my life. I have no knowledge how to frame it. And hence I don’t know whether you will have a soft angle for this or not. So give me a chance, and read my poetry. A poetry about achieving small things in life. Here it goes!

Thought of a beautiful night
But little tired now.

Thought of changed things
But not worth buying now.

Nights will be beautiful, Things Will be changed.
But all I need to change myself
All I need to be fresh again

Thought of tight hug, thought of  better shoulder,
and best is the kiss
But all these I gave a miss

Things can be better
Things can be changed.
So no need to cry in corner
all I have to get up
and start the day with fresh rain.

Thought of a beautiful night
and I got one.

Thought of changed things,
and I got one.

Things I will get
Things I will achieve
only because I have tried
and I have made the time for the things I like.

Ha Ha!.. Obviously it took a lot of time framing this poem. Do comment if you like this or hate this. But you will never ignore this.  Obviously I will publish the liked comment ones. I will publish the hate ones too, only if the content is proper 🙂 

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