The comfort zone

This one is totally fictional. It does not belong to anyone’s life. Thought of writing a story today. So here it goes,

It’s been a long time, I haven’t met these two characters. Let’s call them as Himmy n Herry. Himmy n Herry was very passionate about their work. They were the best. No, they were neither lovers, nor husband-wife. They were just hi-hello friends. They used to meet for work, talk about their work, so completely professional.

My Last Day at work

My Last day at work

One day, don’t know what came to Himmy’s mind, he decided to quit job. So he gave his resignation. He didn’t met Herry at his last day of work, because they were just professional friends. But Herry didn’t had knowledge of this. After few days, Herry started searching Himmy in office and then she found out that he has already serve his notice period. Herry was like, “ok fine. Then whom should I ask for my work?” And she didn’t care about Himmy at all. But it was uncomfortable for her to work with this new guy. But Why?? Slowly, Herry started losing interest in her job. And then she too decided to quit.

While searching for the new job, she searched Himmy on professional social media. There she came to know that Himmy has started his own company. Though there was no vacancy in his company, still she applied for the job. Surprisingly Himmy gave her offer letter and that too without interview.

Here’s the question arises why we always want to work with known person n not with the new person? That new guy was not bad. His working style was different and yes, everyone’s working style is different. Then why she chose to work under Himmy n not with the new one.?

“Understanding n comfort zone”.. Right?? Yes, this is the actual reason. People will not see how big your company is. If there is a understanding n Comfort zone then surely no one will leave you and your company. Don’t keep your head down and work. It’s completely wrong. People out here easily take advantage. If you have that working skill, then no company will reject you.