A Blog To Write – My Ice Cream

Hello my readers! A very good day to all. So today is Friday. So why don’t you read my blog on Friday. It’s called Friday Or Friyay. I know, I know, that I have shared this blog multiple times, almost on all Fridays. So it’s ok. read and enjoy.

Again, after a long time, I don’t have a new topic to write about. Thinking about it, I remembered my blog on blogging for my daughter. If you haven’t read that, then here it is — A blog To Write. Hence, I have decided to take this topic further. This time it’s about “My Ice Cream”.


The stick in my hand, the liquid all over my palm, few drops on my dress and then the shouting – “Naisha, how many times should I tell you, eat properly. Where is the plate?”. But Maa, I was enjoying my ice cream.

I am sure, Mom must have eaten like this only in her childhood days. I know that those days, mom didn’t wash her hands before and after eating. Then why this shouting? She must be jealous that she can’t eat like this anymore. I enjoy eating ice-cream the way I like. Sometimes mannerly (because my mom is near), sometimes mannerless (because she is not around and she doesn’t know what I do in that best time). I enjoy eating in a mannerless way a lot.

My favourite ice cream is Raspberry candy from the Havmor company. It is made of strawberries and Vanilla. Who don’t like ice cream should be punished. When my ice cream melts, I enjoy drinking it. But as per parent rule, to be more precise – Mom’s rule. I am allowed to eat ice cream during the day and that too after lunch. And only 1. Not at night time. They say, I will be sick. But No one knows how much I eat when Mom goes for a shower. Ha Ha!

Enjoy eating ice cream, the way you want to eat. Parents will shout, because they are jealous of us. So don’t worry. Enjoy!  


Keeping my post short and sweet this time. Because as I said, I don’t have a topic to write on. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog on blogging for my daughter. Thanks a lot. Comments and pingbacks will be appreciated. 

8 thoughts on “A Blog To Write – My Ice Cream

  1. This is such a beautiful, yummy post. I can devour them anytime but childhood memories of holding an ice cream cone and licking it off is awesome. Excellent dear and thanks for reminding me of my childhood. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊

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