Ananth Chaturthi 2011

“Ganpati Bappa Moraiya… Purcha Varshi lavkar yaa… Ganpati Gela Gavala… Chain padena amhala… “

This year My ganpati festival was lost… Missed all kinds of  gestures of Ganpati .. Missed the story based ganapti…

I was unbelievable for me that very soon the ganpati festival ended.  And this time my mobile also didnt supported me . Due to which this time no  much snpas of gnapati. Also snaps of laubaug cha raja got deleted 😦

But I took decision and ordered myself that I will see Anant Chaturthi..

So here are some pics of anant chaturthi 2011. Click on the image Below to see more snaps or click here

Ananth Chatruthi 2011

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