Lachung – The Most Picturesque Village

Why travel the world when you have everything in India. Yes, This line is true. If you have money, I will suggest you to travel whole India first. Right from small tiny village till posh areas, yes, you should see all. Right from staying in homely food hotels till 5-star hotel, you should experience all. If you have money, Be local first.

Who doesn’t wants to go aboard? but why spent when you have everything in India. And, now-a-days, all foreign cultures are acceptable in India. Yes, I was one of them. Wanted to go aboard, wanted to see their beautiful clean cities, ice mountains, snow, etc etc etc. But when I visited this beautiful place, I told myself that I will come here again n again n again. No need to travel abroad for this. No, this is not Goa. Goa is something which is like next door, and you can go there without a plan.

I am talking about Lachung, Yes, beautiful, mind-blowing, mesmerizing views, etc. Really, no words to express. But yes, you have to go there with a plan. Because, you have to go by road. And since this place is in mountains, you have to check weather before going there. So, this is how I reached there.

Yumthang Valley, Lachung

Yumthang Valley

Me n my friends made a plan to visit places of North-East India. Darjeeling, Gangtok and Lachung. From Maharashtra, we took a flight to Bagdogra (Siliguri, West Bengal) and by road we reach to Darjeeling. The place was very far from airport but as mountain ranges started, we really really didn’t realized the road travel. There was traffic but the traffic rules was followed properly and hence we didn’t realized that also. So after doing lots of wow-wow-awesome, we reached hotel and next day our trip started.

We had plan for Lachung first, but we were told that the car gets permit from Gangtok and not from Bagdogra or Darjeeling. And hence we were told to cover Darjeeling first. After 2 days, when we reached Gangtok, next day we got call requested us to cancel the Lachung trip coz it was raining and there was a horrible landslide on that road. We all took god’s name and said we want to go Lachung as we don’t know when we will get free time to travel again. So our journey started.

Yumthang Valley, Lachung

Yumthang Valley, Lachung

It took 6 to 7 hours to reach there. (Almost whole day was gone). But but but, that 6 to 7 hours was like we were travelling in heaven. Never seen such a huge mountains in my life. We use to think that we reached but then we use to see another mountain which was higher than this. and our car traveled from that mountain also. Beautiful waterfall, super-duper cool weather and of-course saw deadly landslide too. there was one point were our driver was just driving on the barrel land and it was suspicious to us. So we asked him, “What is this? where is the road?”. He pointed on the other side, which was full of debris and trees. He said – “There was landslide yesterday n people are still clearing it. but they helped the tourist to go on this route, so that you tourist don’t get disappointed”. We were like – “wow… awesome people, thought of tourist first.” So after long day, we reached hotel. and we were like lost, we wanted to stay there for long. There was beauty everywhere, there were snow mountains everywhere, there were waterfall everywhere. We all were quite for a long time, looking at those mountains and said “hum already etna upper hai, aur kitna upper jaayenge”.. (Already, We all are at highest altitude, don’t know how much more left). Next day, we visited this place called Zero Point and Yumthang Valley. Again no words to express. Zero Point was totally freezing and we were 6 adults and 3 children of 4, 4 and 7 yrs. Even these kids enjoyed a lot. None had problem at such high altitude. (coz we are not use to such weather). From there, we went to Yumthang Valley.. super duper clean place, super cold water.

Zero Point, Lachung

Zero Point, Lachung

Lachung is very particular about their cleanliness. People get arrested there, if you misbehave. That place belongs to our loving military. Hats off to them for Not only protecting the place but also keeping it clean and always ready to welcome guest.. Atithi Devo Bhava. (You become the one who considers that Guests are equivalent to God)

Lachung is very particular about the plastic ban also. You are not allowed to carry plastic bottles with you. And common guys, if nature is giving you so beautiful scenarios, then obviously it is our duty to keep it clean. So, this is just a minimal adjustments.

So, again after doing all wows-awesome (seriously, don’t have words to express), we realized that we have to go back to Gangtok and we had kept only one day to visit Lachung. We all regretted our decision, we all cried. But we promised that we will come again and stay for many days. And will do only one site per day. Schools had re-opened n kids had already missed their starting days, office schedules, etc. n hence it was necessary to go back to our life.

Really guys, you should go to Lachung.. a must-must visit place. In front of that Gangtok and Darjeeling was nothing..

yes Lachung.. I will come again.

**All images n videos are taken by me **

A Chitty Chitty Chat Chat Post

No, this is not online lecture. But still a online lecture coz you are reading it online, but obvious. So, here its goes. 90-2000s was the year when all reality show came into our life and hence we all were very excited to see such show. And one of the show was the laughter challenge. In one of the episode this contestant crack one hilarious joke. The joke was like that:

Teacher was very upset coz the child was not at all good in English. N next day was English exam. So, she decided to make his essay perfect and told to study ‘my best friend’ and also assured him that he will get 8/10 for sure in essay and also teacher said if not best friend, then it will be my cat or my dog. Just replace the words properly.. So confidently the child went to appear for exam and in essay it was ‘my father’ so this is what he wrote.

“Fathers and fathers are everywhere. But true father is very rare. I have many fathers but mohanlal is my best father. He often comes home. My mother loves him very much….

Moral: A father in need is a father indeed. “

So.. We must have went through this kind of incident where our family or friends must have taught you how to deal with situation but you unknowingly spoiled the situation. And then the blame game starts.

But actually, who is the culprit here. The friends or family, or the one who couldn’t handle the situation or the one who created the situation.

Answer is no one.. Yes, no one is responsible here. Coz we are not able to see and we do not see the situation in different angle. So lets not consider the above incident as joke and take this as serious part. You will find each and every word true. Just check the moral of the story, ‘father in need is a father indeed’.. So true right??

Every fight, every situation has different angle. Just think twice and your situation will turn into a joke.

It’s a human nature, that we always comes to fight verbally or physically but just give a smile and stand there and see how uncomfortable the opposite person will be.

Here is one more example, I found it on net. This lady has two kids, so obviously these kids make noise, jump here and there, fights, etc. The other lady who stays below her flat came up and fought with this lady n told her to educate the kids properly. In turn this lady didn’t utter a single word, just gave a smile. The other lady was so uncomfortable that she realized her mistake and understood that they are kids and they have full rights to enjoy.

So there are many such incidents on internet world, just check them. You will find inner peace after reading those .. And what about my post?? My lecture?? Ok.. Leave it.. You can take a break now.

Toned down the unwanted noise

2020 is the year, we were suppose to get to see advance technology. But what we are seeing is online school, with not-so-4G internet speed. Things got badly change from work-from-home to work-for-home-only. People who were busy are now more busy. N people who are free, are now bored to be free.

So blah blah blah corona virus… Blah blah blah quarantine. Blah blah blah getting bored.

But still life has to go on and kids has to study. So this online school came into picture. And so I am attending this online school. Yes.. I, myself, 35 yr old, website programmer has now taken admission to LKG (Lower kinder garden / Junior kinder garden). Teacher thinks that 4 year old baby is learning. But that 4 yr old baby is so busy with her beautiful face because her mother always tell her that she is beautiful n her hair is awesome. So she has to flaw her hair, her eyes, nose, sometimes teeth, etc.. So she is more interested in her selfie view. And I’m there, not in picture but as back stage, all my eyes and ears on teacher.

Kids are so smart these days that they will just see what clicks we do n yes, next time they will do it by their own. So their favorite time-pass is unmuting themselves. To make unwanted noise so that they get attention and then they get toned down and make ‘popat’ of them.


Aye popat…….


Scene 1:

Teacher: *mutes all*. No unmuting kids.

Kids: *unmuting*. ok teacher, will do.



Scene 2:

Teacher: Kids write this alphabet ‘A’.

Kids: No. I will not write.


Scene 3:

Teacher: *plays rhymes video*

Kids: *unmute, so that he can sing that rhyme*

Parent 1: Eat this first, u know this rhymes.

Parent 2: Go to washroom. Fast.

Parent 3: The rhyme is finished. Get up now.  Dont sleep.


Scene 4:

Teacher:  Kid please unmute yourself and tell me which toys u have.

Kid: *unmute and Cooker wishtles.*

Teacher: I didn’t hear you. Say loudly.

Kid: *Cooker wishtles.*


Scene 5:

Teacher: kid please unmute and say this rhyme.

Kid: *Unmute*

Teacher: I can’t hear you. Say loudly.

Parent : *Shouting at her husband * I told you that I want proper mic n speaker but u didn’t buy it. N now see the teacher can’t hear anything. 

Teacher: I can hear you ma’am.. Not your son. Please tell him to speak loudly.


Scene 6:

Teacher : So it’s craft time. We will do ear bud painting.

Kid: *unmute*

Parent: you leave. I will do it. U will do Timepass.


So we only do ‘popat’ of our-self.  and  teacher innocently toned down our unwanted noise.

So these are few. N there are more. Such incidents happens everyday. N now its actually annoying.

Wait.. I’m also in that list.


Teacher: Naisha please tell me about yourself.

Me: *unmute*

Where did u go.. Naishuuuuuuuu.. Come back now.. Fast…. Idiot.. 


We all know,  this time shall pass and we shall overcome one-day..  And we have to, else this mute-unmute game toh bahut lamba chalega.  (This game will go very far and long) .