Wordless Wednesday – Roots

Hello my fabulous readers. A very good day to all. Today is Wednesday, and for the past many years, I was constantly waiting for Wednesday just to write on wordless Wednesday. I even kept reminders for it. but for some other reasons, I always failed to write on it. So, I gave up and deleted that reminder from my mobile.

Today, thinking about what to do next, this wordless Wednesday came to mind. I soon decided that I would incorporate Wordless Wednesday posts into my blog. Wordless Wednesdays is the most popular blog posts.

What is this wordless wednesday? Wordless Wednesday is a day to share an image or images that speak for themselves. So here is my image and this pic clearly states that the roots should be strong enough to stand tall.

This snap was taken by me at Pine Tree Forest, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Hope you liked my post. Hoping for a more wordless Wednesday from my side. Do like and comment. Pingbacks will be appreciated. Thanks.


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