Didactic Cinquain

Hello my precious readers. A very good day to all. So, what is this Didactic Cinquain? Well as per the google, “Didactic” means “to teach” and “Cinquain” means “5-lines poem”. But in this there is a rule. The rule is that the first line should be only one word. Mainly the topic. The second line contains two adjectives of the first line. The third line has three words ending in “ing”. The fourth line has four or more words that make a complete sentence. The fifth line is again one word. 

Sounds interesting, right? I am not a poet, but I still gave a try to this type of verse. This time, I have written two. The first Cinquain is about my daughter and the second is about time. So lets start my Jhonny Jhonny yes papa.


Beautiful, Adorable
Caring, Charming, Loving
Makes fall in love


Precious, Money
Halting,  Running,  Managing
Waits for no one


Hope you all liked it. Do check out my other verse as well. The Sentimental Verse, Celebration Makes A Great Desert, The Rhymester In Me, Kitkat Or Cadbury And Why? Do like and comment. Pingbacks will be appreciated. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Didactic Cinquain

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  3. Interesting!
    Sounds simple but I am sure one needs to put effort to it.

    Reiki Energy
    Caring Loving Humbling
    The therapy is magical

    Please tell me if this is correct. Can I copy your post and add on my bits to it?

    • Wow.. Its absolutely amazing. Yes, one needs to put effort. And ur cinquain proves it. And yes dear, u can copy my post. But humble request to give a pingbacks / hyperlink

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