World Peace And Peace Of Mind.

Peace Of Mind.

World Peace and Peace of Mind will not come by doing yagyas and reciting Mantras, i.e. by lighting sacrificial or sacred fires and then pouring any amount of boiled butter and aromatic mixtures over it, in accompaniment to the chanting of religious formulae. it will come only if people become viceless, i.e. if they light the spiritual fire by means of godly knowledge and easy Raja-yoga (meditation) and burn their evils and vices into it according to the advice of God Shiva, who is the Ocean of Peace, the Tower of peace or the Giver of Bliss.

It would be of greatest good to all to know that the  most beloved God-Father Shiva who is also known as “Rudra”, has established Rudra Gyan yagya of 5000 Years’ old frame,  i.e., has re-established an institution where knowledge is imparted so that people can burn away their vicious proclivities and can attain complete Purity.

Let The Past Be Past

There are occasions when man thinks of the past and says to himself thus : “Such and such a person did not behave with me, as he did not help me in law suit which I lost …”   Several other things also come to his mind. In these circumstances, he ought to know that the affairs he is thinking of, belong to the time that does not exist now and the person or persons, he refers to, are all now changed owing to the passage of time. Condidtions have suffered change. The fruits of my Karmas in that repect I have had, till nothing is left now, and I am not what I was then and I must also welcome change. That event in the question was the result of some Larmas of mine. I have had  what was due to me, and to think of it again and agin would be simply to protracty the duration of that pain, as one would lengthen out, as they say, the thread of painful existence.  Does not this kind of rumination mean that pain and testlessness arec loved by me, for, otherwise, weaving a texture of pains would be but useless. But normally that cannot be because everyone wants peace and happiness. Like all others, my object is to achieve these two, and so what I have been doing all along, in fact all my occupations have been wrong. Man should realise that what is past is past, the old world is dead and that he should put in this best to build his future.  He should not foul the atmosphere and weaken it by introducing the memory of bad things of the past. He should not only disseminate sadness but work out methods of achievement of happiness.

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