Resting Is Not Relaxing

Hello my fabulous readers. A very good day to all.  Today, I am here with yet another story. So here goes my disclaimer first, because this is the most important before starting any story. So, here it goes.

This story is totally my imagination and has nothing to do with the real life characters or any dead person, not even animals. I have not stolen this story at all. So please do not sue me for this. and blah blah.  Well actually, this is not a story. This is just an example to make you understand something about resting and relaxing.

You know, this boy wanted to go on a vacation. He asked his girlfriend to come along with him. Girlfriend was super excited for this vacation as she never saw that place. Boy on the other hand was very tired from his daily routine and he wanted a break. So after a long wait, the journey started. The girl was excited as she was spending quality time with her boyfriend. After the hotel check-in, the boy went to the shack, ordered his favorite hard drink and sat there quietly. The girl, on the other hand, was roaming all around the beach and was least interested in food and drinks. Thinking, the boyfriend must be tired due to the long journey, she preferred to leave him alone.

The boy drank like a madman. The sun set and he left for his room. He dose off. The girl was a little upset with his behaviour. “Drinking is not bad. But why does he drink so much that he doesn’t have any control on himself”. Since she was more excited about the place, she forgot to eat at the right time and hence she was more hungry now. She went to the shack, order her food. But she was feeling lonely and didn’t enjoy her food at all. Thinking that he must be very tired, she made up her mind and went to sleep.

Next day, she woke up early. But he refused to get up. She again went to the beach, had coffee with the beautiful sunrise and came back to room after a few hours. He was awake. She said the breakfast was ready but he refused to eat and went back to sleep. She had her breakfast alone. Now she is bored, because she has already seen this place and wanted to explore more places. But all she got was rejection because he wanted to rest. Just rest and nothing else. She, on the other hand, took all the information from the receptionist and went to explore other places. She was scared, yet she dared to roam alone.

So as usual, after a few days, the vacation got over. They headed back home. The girl was quiet  but was happy because she did what she wanted. The daily routine started. The girl was very active in her work but the boy was still tired. But how come? The girl did lots of activity during her vacation, the girl should be tired. and the boy just rested there, so he must have overcome his tiredness. But no, The girl was very active. and the boy was very tired. But why ??

Because, resting is not relaxing. Doing nothing increases tiredness. It adds fuel to your mental health and makes you more tired and urges you not to do any work. This also adds anxiety, mood-swings and anger. So if you want to relax, you have to do some activity of your choice. If you are on vacation, then you have to check out nearby places. Else, you will be tired after reaching home. Physical exercise is a must in order to rest your mind. Sitting on a couch, and watching a sunset or movie for the whole day is not relaxation. This will end up, making you a “Couch Potato” and suffer from TATT syndrome.

Doing our favourite activity like swimming, cycling or dancing, whatever activity, boosts our mind and makes our mind sharp. Also, It helps to improve sleep. Doing nothing makes us feel bad for everything. and we start over thinking. Rest occurs while we are asleep, relaxation occurs while we are awake, and involves us engaging in activities that we enjoy.

So next time, while going out, don’t just sit and rest. Give your mind different varieties of fruits, not over-thoughts. Explore the places, no matter how many times you have seen that place. If not then play games with your companions. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post. Next time, enjoy your vacation. and don’t make a desultory attempt.

Ecstasy Of Existence

Hello my readers! Today I am here (where else I will go?), to make you understand what makes the kid happy? I really want to know what comes to  their mind when you allow them to do their favorite thing or eat their favorite food.

I never allow my daughter to watch TV, whenever she is having her food. But I don’t know what came to my mind that day, that I told her to switch on the TV. No doubt, she took 1 hour to finish her food. But she was so happy that she relished her food and she didn’t leave a single grain in her plate. I was joyful to see that. But the negative part was that the food was cold and cold food don’t taste good. It’s not like that I don’t allow her to watch TV or mobile. My daughter knows how to use paint software (Ms. Paint software) on laptop. She has a separate mobile where all educational games, including a couple of time pass games have been downloaded. She knows how to operate a TV remote, she even knows how to operate YouTube on TV. Yet she was happy with my miniature decision and that was watching TV while having dinner. Reason, I think, is that I don’t allow her to do so.

The Gift From Santa

Last Christmas, I saw a video of my 2 year old niece. Where her father dressed up as Santa Claus and gave a bag full of toys to her. My niece was at cloud nine to see Santa Claus and those gifts. She forced her mother to open all the toys. There were some big toys like train and some small toys also. But my niece was overjoyed to see that one small toy that she forced her mother to open for her. What came to her mind? Why not the big toy? Why did she want only the small ones? Maybe she might have seen it somewhere in YouTube videos. Hence she might want that toy and must be happy to see that toy.

Now, Let’s come to us. Why don’t we adults find happiness? The only reason, we demand bigger things. The things which might be expensive. Some demands for iPhone, some demands for PlayStation. But for us, it is somewhat expensive to give such things to our kids. But we adults  also demand things which must be expensive for the person to whom we are dependent. To be honest, now-a-days, dresses also are very costly. Hence such must be the reasons for us to not be happy. Because we kill our little dreams in our mind only.

We adults are done with TV, Instagram, Facebook. We are even done with WhatsApp and WhatsApp forward. Hence we want peace and the main thing is peace of mind. I get peace of mind when I write. But for some reason, I can’t write everyday. and hence no happiness. I am a kind of person, if I start writing then I will keep on writing for the whole day. But since I have other responsibilities and hence I leave my happiness behind. We adults also have a habit of keeping past things in mind. and hence our mind is always in grinder mode. We mix all our emotions together and the result comes out negative. Some past can never be forgotten, but some past can. Do consult a psychiatrist if you have a bad past. Really, this will help in your present life and your secrets will not get disclosed. We always get this opinion to forget and forgive. But we all know that we are not happy doing that. Forgetting and forgiving doesn’t always help. But to move on, we have to do this. This doesn’t guarantee happiness but yes, we move in a better direction.

Happiness for adults is totally different and we cannot compare the same with toddlers. because they don’t keep anything in mind. Their mind is pure. If you have seen the movie Kung Fu Panda then you will understand that since the panda’s mind was pure and had nothing in his mind and hence he was chosen as a warrior. But in adults, even if we keep purity in mind then also some negative energy stops us from achieving happiness.

So what’s the solution? The solution varies and it totally depends on the individual. If our standard of living is high then whatever you do, you will never get happiness in smaller things. So whether your standard of living is high or simple, ask for things you really want. Not for show-off. For showing, you have many other things. Second solution is mediation. But for this, you have to go for a complete course and never miss a single class, not even on weekends. If you skip then no use. Seriously.

So stop comparing our happiness with kids. You will get nothing.  Ha Ha !!. Start Collecting Flowers and not thorns. And let the past be past

dreamSkitchen – Where Spice Powder Meets Flavours.

Spices and Spicy food, that’s the specialty of India. We Indians, if we go aboard, we miss our home town food very badly. Now even Tom Cruise can’t resist Chicken Tikka Masala. That’s the strength of Indian food. Spicy yet delectable. India has varieties of spices. People from abroad do come here to invest in spice plantations. Majorly, they invest in South India because all major spices and coffee are cultivated there. What if I tell you that you will get freshly Ground Masalas at your doorstep. Yes, You read it right. Superior spices travel all the way from Kerala, Andhra, Telengana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to Pune (Maharashtra) and then it is freshly ground as per your request and delivered at your doorstep.

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Eat well.. Sleep well.. May god’s child don’t sleep hungry tonight.