Jab Tak Shaadi Na Ho

A Man before marriage is – Superman.
After Marriage – Gentleman.
5 Years Later – Watchman.
10 Years later – Apne Hi Jaal Mein fasaa hua Spiderman.


Wife- agar main kho gayi to tum kya karoge?
Husband – main TV aur newspaper mein Ad dunga ki jaha kahin bhi ho…..


Why love marriage is better than Arranged????
B’coz a “KNOWN DEVIL” is better than an “UNKNOWN GHOST”.


A man gave an add in Matrimonial column “PATNI CHAHIYE”
He got 1000 replies all saying:- “Meri Le Ja…!”, ”Meri Le Ja…!”


Husband to Hotel Manager: “Jaldi chalo! meri biwi khidki se kud kar jaan
dena chahti hai”
Manager: “What can I do?
Husband: “Kamine, khidki nahi khul rahi hai.”


Every person is a FREEDOM FIGHTER ……..
Immediately after Marriage!!


Telling a lie is a fault for a little boy, an art for a lover,
anaccomplishment for a bachelor and
a Matter of Survival for a married man.


Woh kahte hain ki hamari biwi swarg ki Apsara hai,
Hum ne kaha khushnaseeb ho bhai, hamari to abhi Jinda hai

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