The Honest Invitation

Hello my readers! A fantastic day to all. Well, you all must have come to know that  I reside in India. So in India, we respect our religion, our culture. Hence, we have to give invitations for our happiness. Whether it is a child’s first birthday party or marriage or success or settling abroad, we have to invite all, by giving proper invitations. Earlier, there was a one concept of invitation card, where it was kind of rule to go to our friends or relatives house, invite them and handover the invitation card to them. But now since WhatsApp is ruling everywhere, we create one image and send it in WhatsApp group. But still we Indians need an invitation card for marriage functions else we don’t go and also complain to others that we didn’t get any invitation. Also, the phone call is a must, else the complaint will be that we were not invited by heart. So, we spend a lot on the invitation card and write many things on it like welcome stanza, who is getting married to whom, lunch time, dinner time, reception time and address. But we ignore everything, except for lunch time and dinner time.

So, such is the case and such functions have lots of comments composed by friends or relatives that they didn’t like the food. We get to hear 98% negative comments and only 2% positive comments. The negative comments are mostly on food and on the bride’s look. Since, we have come to such functions only for food and hence we expect very good quality of food from the bride’s family. Usually, The arrangements of marriages function in India  are done by the bride’s family. Very few cases are there, where both the families agreed on the expenses. So, if we don’t get food as per our expectation then we don’t blame the caterers, we blame the bride’s family.

In one marriage function, few people literally insulted the bride’s family just because they had kept typical Indian food on the menu. The guests were expecting Italian, Mexican and all. But since they got simple food, they thought they had the right to say the same on the bride’s family face and be a snollygoster.  But they still bibble over their food. Well, The money was paid by the bride’s family and not by us.

Every marriage or any other function has such comments. Yes, there were comments on my marriage too. One even complained about the location of the banquet hall. They said that the  banquet hall was too far from their house and they are tired of travelling. Wow, you should have told me this before. I would have kept my marriage function in your house only. At Least I didn’t have to pay for the banquet hall. Such flotsam and jetsam comments take an emotional toll. For a few days only, but that few days the family goes through hell. Sleepless nights and the tiredness are unbroken.

So, I was thinking, what if we start giving honest invitations. What will the content be? Since I have written more on marriage functions, let’s start with the marriage invitation card.

Amrish Puri and Shahrukh Khan did “Aau Aau” to pigeons in movie Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jaayenge (DDLJ), 
In the same way, XYZ family is doing “Aau Aau” to you and cordially invites you to the wedding of
Mr. ABC and Ms. CBA
on DD / MM, YYYY
from 7pm onwards,
followed by dinner at this address.

Since we have spent a lot hence we will accept only cash as a gift starting from 2000 Rps.
The dinner menu is as per the taste of the groom and  bride because it’s their day and not yours.
Return gifts will be given only to present members, not to the whole family. Don’t slyly ask for it.
The reception time is from 7pm to 9pm and no one will be entertained after 9pm because the couple will be more tired than you.

Thanks, Do come with your heart and soul.

I know, such an invitation is just a dream. But, to be on a lighter note, we should try to keep our mouth shut. No family orders for unappetizing food on the D-day, after spending extravagantly. It’s the caterers that don’t care. So it’s the duty of money spender to shout at them and not your duty to make them feel low. So next time, when you get an invitation, just enjoy, meet and greet others. Such comments have made the younger generation not to celebrate any functions with all. They enjoy it with their friends only because when they get taunted, they can insult their friends. Remember, days are gone when we were taught that elders are everything, respect them, don’t question them. This generation knows to give respect only if they get respect and they will always ask this question, “Why?”.. Well, this generation is good because they know the answer to everything. and we just know because our elders did it.

So, stay in touch, be happy and stop taunting. Enjoy the meet and be respected by all.

The Honest Invitation

Color Color Which Color Do You Want?

It gives an awesome feeling when we see colors. Just imagine that our mood is not in our control and suddenly you see a rainbow, for a while you will forget everything and keep staring at the rainbow. Yes, that’s the beauty of colors. Colors make our mind free. It enhances our mood. Our life is like a blank canvas and we have to fill these with beautiful colors.

Every person has their favorite colors but some people love colors according to their personality. The people who are strong enough have dark colors as their favorite. Many people believe that black color is unlucky. But those who have tenacity in life consider black color as their personality. I like black color too. A very dark pitch, shiny black color. It looks resplendent. I prefer my accessories to be in black, like shoes, hand bags, etc. Because it looks gorgeously stunning and also this color matches with any dress.

Colors are classified as per gender too. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Black and White for widows. But being a girl, I personally don’t favor pink at all. Pink is ok, cute. But I find this color very dull and boring. I chose blue to pink. Blue, on the other hand, gives relaxation to the eyes. Blue is cool. Blue has various variant. But pink variants are mundane . But seriously, I don’t know who made this color gender. I mean why can’t boys opt for pink? Why such gender partiality? and for girls, all colors are allowed except for black and white (only if they are married). Well, there are some offices where boys are not allowed to wear pink shirts. Yes, it’s true.

Sometimes I feel bad for boys. In umbrella selection, Girls have many options. But boys have only one and that is black. Well, I know boys don’t care about colors when it comes to things like umbrellas. But at least girls’ umbrellas don’t get stolen because of unique colors and patterns. Ha Ha! anyways, its a color discrimination against men. In the case of wallets, I like men’s wallets rather than women. Because it is easy to carry and fits easily in pockets. I know I can buy that, But girls’ costumes don’t have pockets. True. Reason is, if girls’ costumes start having pockets then the sale of handbags will decrease and hence no pockets. Yes, this is the reason. In Girls’ jeans also, It has pockets but just for show. Can’t even keep mobile in it.

Some people hate some colors as if that color has done something to their life. Many people avoid red. They have many beliefs against that color. Just imagine what if red was human. Even though it is the primary color, even though no other color can make red, even though it is the color of attraction and yet people point at it and say “I will get killed by a bull, if I wear you”.. Thank God! These colors are not human.

Some people love the Golden color a lot. But they think they look rich if they wear Golden dress, Golden shoes, Golden purse. Well someone will abduct you, thinking you are wearing real gold. But seriously, We girls have this weird habit of wearing everything in Gold just to look rich. Well, Huh, No comments, looks good on you, You wear, I will wear black. Contrast matching.

All colors have emotions attached to it. But I still don’t understand why? I mean, red is anger, danger but we also have red-colored hearts i.e. love. So Is red, anger or love? Same way, Black is sad but also classic and professional. Ha Ha ! oxymoron right ? Like our life. Obviously, I don’t give a fig about the emotions. I just love the way the colors are.  Just wear them along with a smile. Enjoy your day and make life colorful. To conclude, always play the color game, “Color Color Which Color Do You Want?”

Thinking and writing about colors, The Holi festival is just around the corner. Play safe Holi, and do read my memories on Holi

Celebration Makes A Great Dessert

Hi all. Thanks a lot for making my “The Rhymester in me” post pretty awesome. It really means alot to me. So, I have come again with yet another poem. Well, this time it is kind of motivational poetry. It’s about celebration. I know, we all have a whale of a time but still, this is for some good vibration. Well, I am not at all a motivational speaker. But still, let me give it a try. And without wasting any time, here it goes;

Celebration Makes A Great Dessert

What’s waiting for? Let’s celebrate.
Whether it is success or birthday, never leave the joy behind.
Create one, if you don’t have any occasion.
Celebrate the kid in you.
Celebrate the human in you.
Celebrate your own birth.
Never let sadness overcome your happiness.
Cooked food? Celebrate.
Cleaned house? Celebrate.
Read books? Celebrate.
Life is meant to celebrate the victory of every moment.
Life is short, so celebrate.
Life is beautiful, so celebrate.
Celebrate the lion in you.
Celebrate the mouse in you.
Never leave a stone unturned,
because celebration makes a great dessert.

Hope you liked my new poetry. This is 100 word poetry and it was originally published by me on Momspresso website. I enjoy writing 100 word challenges there.

Celebration Make A Great Dessert ©MakeTimeForThingsYouLove