Didactic Cinquain

Hello my precious readers. A very good day to all. So, what is this Didactic Cinquain? Well as per the google, “Didactic” means “to teach” and “Cinquain” means “5-lines poem”. But in this there is a rule. The rule is that the first line should be only one word. Mainly the topic. The second line contains two adjectives of the first line. The third line has three words ending in “ing”. The fourth line has four or more words that make a complete sentence. The fifth line is again one word. 

Sounds interesting, right? I am not a poet, but I still gave a try to this type of verse. This time, I have written two. The first Cinquain is about my daughter and the second is about time. So lets start my Jhonny Jhonny yes papa.


Beautiful, Adorable
Caring, Charming, Loving
Makes fall in love


Precious, Money
Halting,  Running,  Managing
Waits for no one


Hope you all liked it. Do check out my other verse as well. The Sentimental Verse, Celebration Makes A Great Desert, The Rhymester In Me, Kitkat Or Cadbury And Why? Do like and comment. Pingbacks will be appreciated. Thank you.

The Sentimental Verse

Hello my precious reader! Today, after many months, I am trying my hands on my verse i.e. poem. Like Jhonny Jhonny yes papa types. But instead of being positive, I have written a sad poem this time. So disclaimer.

Disclaimer? Yes disclaimer, because this has nothing to do with my life. I’m good. I am OK. I am fine. This verse just came out while composing. and no one was affected while composing this one. and blah blah.

So without wasting time, here it goes. The title say “Lost you… “


Lost You…

Deep inside me, I feel I have lost you.
Deep inside me, I feel, life has ended with you.

Days are actually bright, when I see you.
Days are actually bright, when I smile at you.
But still I feel, life has ended with you.

Still long are our conversations
Yet, there is a “reply” and not talks.
and hence I feel, life has ended with you..

Still smiles are there on our faces.
Yet, there are “jokes” and not my presence.
and hence I feel, Life has ended with you..

Still outings we make.
but there is a “force” and not “will”
and hence I feel, life has ended with you.

Still I wait for your call, for no reason
Yet I only have to call for some reason.
And hence I feel, life has ended with you.

Yes, It is,
Life has ended with you
because I have lost you..


So dear friends, as I said, this is just my imagination and has nothing to do with anyone. Hope you liked this poem. Do like and comment. Pingbacks will be appreciated. 

English – The Supreme Being

Hi all, Since I don’t have any topic today. So I’m re-blogging one of my old post. This post was published in June 22, 2022. Since I have good followers now, so hoping for the best.

Make Time For Things You Love

Hello readers! We all know that English is now an important language. In India, It’s now compulsory for everyone to talk in English. I am not against learning this language. In fact, whenever, in your free time you should learn a new language. But in India, it has now become kind of compulsory to speak in English. Seems, very soon it will be declared as a national language. Well thanks to the international board.

Yes, I am trying my best to learn this language. I know how to speak in English but the basic and simple ones, not the IELTS. Now everyone speaks this kind of Englishlanguage.

We have social media, where we get all new words. I am following some handles there. Though I don’t remember the exact words (which is not good), but I remember something like synonymswere there. Well, it is difficult to learn such synonyms. But…

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