English – The Supreme Being

Hello readers! We all know that English is now an important language. In India, It’s now compulsory for everyone to talk in English. I am not against learning this language. In fact, whenever, in your free time you should learn a new language. But in India, it has now become kind of compulsory to speak in English. Seems, very soon it will be declared as a national language. Well thanks to the international board.

Yes, I am trying my best to learn this language. I know how to speak in English but the basic and simple ones, not the IELTS. Now everyone speaks this kind of English language.

We have social media, where we get all new words. I am following some handles there. Though I don’t remember the exact words (which is not good), but I remember something like synonyms were there. Well, it is difficult to learn such synonyms. But who invented such synonyms and why is it called “The Better English”? Yes, your English is better but mine is also better. Going through this, I came across that; never use the word “very”. It’s informal. But why? What does this “very” do?  It doesn’t sound bad.  We say ‘very good’, ‘very happy’, etc in our day-to-day life. Then, how it is not an international standard?

We have many masters in India. One such person who is always in news is Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Sometimes for politics and more because of his tweets, which always go above our head, because it is always in high standard. One such word he used in his tweets was “floccinaucinihilipilification”. So obviously, I started fishing around the google. Thank God, Google is always there to help us. Mind becomes jazzy when we read or listen to such words. He is the one who can talk for England in that high standard language.

Learning English has a juvenescent effect. We edify with frequent readings. We all behave like an Opacarophile when we hear such words. Now you will wonder, what has happened to me. Writing this post demanded a metanoia and made me promote the avant-garde.

Ok. I will not exaggerate much now . All I have to say is that English is a very funny language. But very vast. Sorry, not “very”. It’s  hilarious and Gigantic. Is that better ?? Each and every word has some high level synonyms which we never heard or learned. Each and every sentence has their own idioms and phrases. To learn English is like climbing a mountain. It never promised you a rose garden. But when you learn something, you will feel like the king of the mountain. But you must be zealous to learn such English.

This post was full of grandiloquent language. I flew blind. I hope you like my zany tricks.

Well, here are the actual meanings of my sentences / words :
–> Floccinaucinihilipilification -> The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.
–> Fishing around – > Searching 
–> Jazzy -> Bright, Colorful and Showy
–> Talk for England -> Talk for hours
–> Juvenescent effect -> Makes you feel young
–> Edify -> Enhances brain
–> Opacarophile -> The one who loves sunset
–> Metanoia -> Change in character
–> Avant-garde -> New and experimental ideas and methods.
–> Climbing a mountain -> Not an easy task
–> Never promised rose garden -> Never said it would be easy
–> King of mountain -> The one, in group who knows everything
–> Zealous -> Enthusiastic and eager
–> Grandiloquent -> The way of using language to attract and gain attention
–> Flew blind -> Wrote blindly
–> Zany -> Clownish

7 thoughts on “English – The Supreme Being

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  3. Very nice of you for helping in explaining some words in English Language…. This helps a lot and yes in todays corporate world one needs to have better knowledge of English knowledge.

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