Resting Is Not Relaxing

Hello my fabulous readers. A very good day to all.  Today, I am here with yet another story. So here goes my disclaimer first, because this is the most important before starting any story. So, here it goes.

This story is totally my imagination and has nothing to do with the real life characters or any dead person, not even animals. I have not stolen this story at all. So please do not sue me for this. and blah blah.  Well actually, this is not a story. This is just an example to make you understand something about resting and relaxing.

You know, this boy wanted to go on a vacation. He asked his girlfriend to come along with him. Girlfriend was super excited for this vacation as she never saw that place. Boy on the other hand was very tired from his daily routine and he wanted a break. So after a long wait, the journey started. The girl was excited as she was spending quality time with her boyfriend. After the hotel check-in, the boy went to the shack, ordered his favorite hard drink and sat there quietly. The girl, on the other hand, was roaming all around the beach and was least interested in food and drinks. Thinking, the boyfriend must be tired due to the long journey, she preferred to leave him alone.

The boy drank like a madman. The sun set and he left for his room. He dose off. The girl was a little upset with his behaviour. “Drinking is not bad. But why does he drink so much that he doesn’t have any control on himself”. Since she was more excited about the place, she forgot to eat at the right time and hence she was more hungry now. She went to the shack, order her food. But she was feeling lonely and didn’t enjoy her food at all. Thinking that he must be very tired, she made up her mind and went to sleep.

Next day, she woke up early. But he refused to get up. She again went to the beach, had coffee with the beautiful sunrise and came back to room after a few hours. He was awake. She said the breakfast was ready but he refused to eat and went back to sleep. She had her breakfast alone. Now she is bored, because she has already seen this place and wanted to explore more places. But all she got was rejection because he wanted to rest. Just rest and nothing else. She, on the other hand, took all the information from the receptionist and went to explore other places. She was scared, yet she dared to roam alone.

So as usual, after a few days, the vacation got over. They headed back home. The girl was quiet  but was happy because she did what she wanted. The daily routine started. The girl was very active in her work but the boy was still tired. But how come? The girl did lots of activity during her vacation, the girl should be tired. and the boy just rested there, so he must have overcome his tiredness. But no, The girl was very active. and the boy was very tired. But why ??

Because, resting is not relaxing. Doing nothing increases tiredness. It adds fuel to your mental health and makes you more tired and urges you not to do any work. This also adds anxiety, mood-swings and anger. So if you want to relax, you have to do some activity of your choice. If you are on vacation, then you have to check out nearby places. Else, you will be tired after reaching home. Physical exercise is a must in order to rest your mind. Sitting on a couch, and watching a sunset or movie for the whole day is not relaxation. This will end up, making you a “Couch Potato” and suffer from TATT syndrome.

Doing our favourite activity like swimming, cycling or dancing, whatever activity, boosts our mind and makes our mind sharp. Also, It helps to improve sleep. Doing nothing makes us feel bad for everything. and we start over thinking. Rest occurs while we are asleep, relaxation occurs while we are awake, and involves us engaging in activities that we enjoy.

So next time, while going out, don’t just sit and rest. Give your mind different varieties of fruits, not over-thoughts. Explore the places, no matter how many times you have seen that place. If not then play games with your companions. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post. Next time, enjoy your vacation. and don’t make a desultory attempt.

The Listening Test – An Activity By Satish Nadkarni

Pay attention; that’s what everyone says. Our eyes and ears are wide open to hear the concept. Still somehow we lose the listening skill. Either we don’t have interest in that topic or we have some objection. Some topics are so interesting that if we get distracted by some other means then we shout our heart out. Listening to, and in any language requires focus and attention.

Listening to someone is an uprightness. If you listen with a very good expression and gesture then the other person also gains confidence in expressing his views, as you give complete attention to that person. If you have good listening skills, that means you have solutions too. Because you understand the needs of the person. Your response will be almost accurate.

Listening with a good gesture requires patience and intelligence. Patience because you might listen to some bad things too and intelligence because even if you don’t have the knowledge of what the content is, still you have to accept and ask questions about that content. Many companies offer listening skills training. This benefits not only the employee but also to the company. Because listening skills, helps in lower bug rate in projects and also helps in knowledge sharing.

Listening skill plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. So let’s check your listening test with this small game. This game was developed by my father, Mr. Satish Nadkarni. My dad, 74 years old, still works in a private firm. He is an indefatigable. and he is very enthusiastic for this work. Since he has good listening skills and understands the clients’ needs, the client always prefers to work with my dad. My Dad is also a devotee and makes games and entertains others, whenever our swamiji (Master, Lord) visits Mumbai. So, here goes the game and write your answers on paper.

1) Read everything before you do anything.
2) Write your name in the upper right hand corner of one paper.
3) Draw small five squares in the upper left hand corner of the paper.
4) Call your name aloud.
5) Write your name again in the lower right hand corner of the paper.
6) Put an ‘X’ in the lower left hand corner of the paper.
7) If you are enjoying this test say “Yes”, if not say “No”
8) Loudly Call out your last name when you reach this point of the test.
9) On the right margin of the paper, multiply 66 by 7
10) If you think you have followed directions carefully to this point call “I have”
11) On the left margin of this paper, add 69 by 98
12) Count in your normal speaking voice from 10 to 1 backwards.
13) Stand up, turn around once and sit down
14) Say out loud, “I am nearly finished, I have followed directions”.
15) If you are the first to this point, say, “I am the leader in following directions”.
16) Draw a circle around sentence 5
17) Draw a rectangle around the word “paper” in sentence 4
18) Circle the word “paper” in sentence 4
19) Now that you have finished reading carefully, as instructed in question 1, do only question number 2