Resting Is Not Relaxing

Hello my fabulous readers. A very good day to all.  Today, I am here with yet another story. So here goes my disclaimer first, because this is the most important before starting any story. So, here it goes.

This story is totally my imagination and has nothing to do with the real life characters or any dead person, not even animals. I have not stolen this story at all. So please do not sue me for this. and blah blah.  Well actually, this is not a story. This is just an example to make you understand something about resting and relaxing.

You know, this boy wanted to go on a vacation. He asked his girlfriend to come along with him. Girlfriend was super excited for this vacation as she never saw that place. Boy on the other hand was very tired from his daily routine and he wanted a break. So after a long wait, the journey started. The girl was excited as she was spending quality time with her boyfriend. After the hotel check-in, the boy went to the shack, ordered his favorite hard drink and sat there quietly. The girl, on the other hand, was roaming all around the beach and was least interested in food and drinks. Thinking, the boyfriend must be tired due to the long journey, she preferred to leave him alone.

The boy drank like a madman. The sun set and he left for his room. He dose off. The girl was a little upset with his behaviour. “Drinking is not bad. But why does he drink so much that he doesn’t have any control on himself”. Since she was more excited about the place, she forgot to eat at the right time and hence she was more hungry now. She went to the shack, order her food. But she was feeling lonely and didn’t enjoy her food at all. Thinking that he must be very tired, she made up her mind and went to sleep.

Next day, she woke up early. But he refused to get up. She again went to the beach, had coffee with the beautiful sunrise and came back to room after a few hours. He was awake. She said the breakfast was ready but he refused to eat and went back to sleep. She had her breakfast alone. Now she is bored, because she has already seen this place and wanted to explore more places. But all she got was rejection because he wanted to rest. Just rest and nothing else. She, on the other hand, took all the information from the receptionist and went to explore other places. She was scared, yet she dared to roam alone.

So as usual, after a few days, the vacation got over. They headed back home. The girl was quiet  but was happy because she did what she wanted. The daily routine started. The girl was very active in her work but the boy was still tired. But how come? The girl did lots of activity during her vacation, the girl should be tired. and the boy just rested there, so he must have overcome his tiredness. But no, The girl was very active. and the boy was very tired. But why ??

Because, resting is not relaxing. Doing nothing increases tiredness. It adds fuel to your mental health and makes you more tired and urges you not to do any work. This also adds anxiety, mood-swings and anger. So if you want to relax, you have to do some activity of your choice. If you are on vacation, then you have to check out nearby places. Else, you will be tired after reaching home. Physical exercise is a must in order to rest your mind. Sitting on a couch, and watching a sunset or movie for the whole day is not relaxation. This will end up, making you a “Couch Potato” and suffer from TATT syndrome.

Doing our favourite activity like swimming, cycling or dancing, whatever activity, boosts our mind and makes our mind sharp. Also, It helps to improve sleep. Doing nothing makes us feel bad for everything. and we start over thinking. Rest occurs while we are asleep, relaxation occurs while we are awake, and involves us engaging in activities that we enjoy.

So next time, while going out, don’t just sit and rest. Give your mind different varieties of fruits, not over-thoughts. Explore the places, no matter how many times you have seen that place. If not then play games with your companions. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post. Next time, enjoy your vacation. and don’t make a desultory attempt.

The Two Sides Of Coin

Hi all. I have come up again with yet another story. But I think, this one will be a different from the rest because in this I am not giving any moral or so-called lecture. But still I have to write disclaimer that this is purely my imagination and it is neither copied from other website nor related to real characters. And yes, my favorite line i.e. don’t sue me for this and blah blah.

In this story, there are two characters. Both of them have same name, Khushi. One is Ms. Khushi and other one is Mrs. Khushi. Both share the birthday and birth year. Their hobbies are also same. Surprisingly both holds the same degree. But one lives in Mumbai city and is unmarried  and other lives in a developed village and married. Developed village means all facilities are there but not as Mumbai city like its night life, food around every corner, easy travelling, etc.

Lets kick off with Ms. Khushi from Mumbai City:
Khushi as the name suggest happiness. The same way Ms. Khushi is optimistic in her life. She likes clubbing, roaming, enjoying life every bit and she has lots of friends. She was not a kitchen person. She hated to be in kitchen and in house. She was transparent about what she wanted in her life i.e. happiness from exploring places and parties with friends and relatives. What she was missing is boyfriend or true love. She had boyfriend in her past but she wanted a commitment. And hence, the search for a true love was going on. Along with that she was trying very hard to get into one company. She got rejected from that company many times, but she always tried to get there. And finally, she cracked the interview and got the job. She was amused, that she gave a lavish party to everyone. In that Party, she found one. That guy was working in the same company. After few months, they both got married. Now, both the Khushi(s) are Mrs. Khushi. Now the real life started after marriage. As I mention earlier that she was not the kitchen person. Her husband expected cooking from her, expected clean house. Even though her husband threw parties but he expected at least one dish made by her. Khushi could not able to handle both the professional and personal life and she was irregular to work. So obviously, she got warning from her office. The blame game began now. Her perseverance didn’t paid off. She decided to concentrate more on office life, and started doing clubs and parties with her friends. Her husband didn’t like this and decided to part his ways from her. Even Khushi agreed and she became Ms. Khushi again. But in all this mess, she was weary to work, she was powerless to club , distressed of parties. Even though she liked this, she wanted peace and wanted to relax. She was fazed by what she went through. So one day she went to this developed village, where one of her friend stay. And of course, our second Mrs. Khushi also stays in this village. She was so impressed by this village, its cleanliness, time-to-time routine. She decided to leave Mumbai city and settled there. She re-married and became Mrs. Khushi again.

Now lets see what second Khushi i.e. Mrs. Khushi doing in this developed village:
Mrs. Khushi, our original character from developed village. Mrs. Khushi is also glad with her life. Time-to-time routine, no late workings, Stills enjoys with her friends and relatives without clubbing and parties. But this Mrs. Khushi, loves to be in kitchen. She makes different foods every time. She loves to keep her house clean. And she too was clear with her life i.e. she wanted simple, no-hectic , no-problem life. But Yes, even though she was married, she was missing true love from her husband. She tired all possible ways to make him charmed, but her husband never notice her. Hence, she too was trying to get job of chef, since she was excellent in cooking, so that she can divert her mind from all this things. And yes, she got one. Her job life was pretty good. In promotion, she shifted to Mumbai. Even her husband came along with her. Mrs. Khushi was surprise to see Mumbai life. The late workings, the clubbing, etc. She was surprise to see that Mumbai never sleeps. and no one bother other. Everyone is in their own world. Mrs. Khushi started liking Mumbai a lot but her husband showed apathy because he was use to with his time-to-time routine. Things didn’t work out with them  and they decided to part their ways. Her husband came back to village but Khushi stayed. Now, Mrs. Khushi is Ms. Khushi. Staying in Mumbai, Ms. Khushi started doing parties and clubbing. She got many true love but she never committed to them. She started looking marriage through blue glasses. Ms. Khushi wants to be independent women in her whole life now.

So every coin has two sides. One gave chance to her broken marriage and re-married again, without any fear of divorce. Where as, the second one  was little fear to settle down. Both are right in their ways, as both are financially independent. As, we flip up the coin and wait for head or tail side, like ways our life too flips every second and every moment. We should never wait for head or tail side. Go with the flow, the solution is always with you, without fear.

Did I lectured again? Oh! My Bad. Hope you like my story. Do comment. 

Tortoise Earning Rabbit Spending

Hi all. Yes, It’s story time. Here I am with yet another story. It seems like a lifetime that I have not been in the character of a script writer. So here I am to illustrate this tale to you. I have already written one horror based story and one love based story. Do check them out. So this time, I will write something about “struggle”. So here it goes.

To start with, disclaimer. This is NOT at all a true story. I have NOT copied the content. This is purely my imagination and hence please don’t try to sue me for this. I have nothing. I’m poor. and blah blah.

So here it goes, like a nursery tale. Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Let’s name her “Alia”. She was born in a well-to-do family. Though her parents had enough money to full-fill her wish, they still didn’t do it. Because they wanted to teach Alia the importance of money, the importance of earning and the importance of what actually you need in life.  Hence Alia got only those things very easily which were useful and needy. Like other kids, she too demanded an iPhone but her parents gave her a normal android mobile and told her to earn and get all the big things by her earnings. So in this way, Alia was not so happy because she always got a lower version of what she demanded.

Days passed by, Alia is educated now and she wants to study further, but abroad. Her parents were not so keen to send her aboard. They wanted her to stay in her home town only. The anger and argument in the house made her parents take admission in her favourite college, abroad.  Alia finally went to pursue her higher education. But she was not ready to support her own expenses. i.e. she was not ready to take the part time job in hand. That time, her parents refused to send her more money. Days passed by, and now Alia was forced to do one job in order to support her education. All her friends were rich enough to party and study. This made Alia feel like a poor girl in front of her friends. In anger, Alia decided not to come back to her hometown. But now she is comfortable doing jobs. And hence after education, she got a proper job. And here the lessons of earning starts.

Alia’s biggest dream was to become so rich to full-fill all her wishes in a few seconds. And her second dream was to open a pub. But she has to “save” money for this. Alia was carefree in her world, that she never cared for her expenses. Whatever she earned, she wasted it like water. And hence achieving her dreams was way far off. So, finally Alia had to give up her easy-going life and started saving money.

Days were good at the start. But one day, her friend requested some money to start a business. Since Alia had gone through this, she decided to help her friend. But the business never went into profit and hence Alia never got her money back. This made Alia buckle up her shoe and work extra time in the office. Working extra time affected her health and she was advised for a complete bed rest. She had spent a lot of money on medication. Few months in bed, and no scope of earning more, all her savings were lost. As a matter of fact, she had to start all over again.

Few months passed, and she changed her job for a better package. Since it was a new job and she just recovered, hence her parents decided to stay with her. At first, she was happy because she didn’t have to look after the house and food. All that work was done by her parents. She concentrated only on work. But after a few months, her dad reached retirement age. So, she had to look after her dad. Now financially, she had to look after 3 people, along with house rent and other stuff. Saving for her dream was a little slow. She started fighting over finance. Started blaming her parents, that even though they had money they didn’t help her. But her parents were very firm and said, “That is my money. I have earned it. I have helped you enough and now it’s your turn to earn. Those money are for my retirement and for my emergencies. You have your whole life ahead. You can still earn well. I can give you a little bit of my money but not all. Rest all money you have to earn it”. Such a statement from her dad, made her pissed off. Her parents returned to hometown. Because her daughter was unable to bear the expenses. But after reaching home, her dad did help her financially, but partially.

Days went on, Alia was still struggling to save money. Now she is married and both husband and wife are very ambitious. They both worked hard and saved a lot of money. Finally one day Alia opened her pub. But this happened because of her husband’s income too. Her husband’s wish was to open his own office and that too was executed only when he married Alia. Both realized that earning is not at all simple. Earning was slow and spending was quick. Alia realized that even though her parents were not ambitious yet both earned just to fulfill her dreams. Just to give her comfort. Alia’s parents’ background was poor and they had to take care of everyone in the house. and financially it went well because of her father getting married to a working woman. Her parents didn’t get a chance to live their life in order to earn money for everyone. Yet her parents were happy.

Alia bought a new house too and called her parents back. Not only that, she opened a small business for her parents. Alia understood the concept of earning hard and now is very helpful to parents that they have given only the comfort she wants, not the palace.

The only conclusion from this story is work hard, live your dream, and don’t fall for some obstacles. We earn like a tortoise and spend like a rabbit but remember that rabbit slept and hence tortoise won. What if the rabbit didn’t sleep? Was it possible for tortoise to win the race? Here in my story, Alia got married to one ambitious person just to make that rabbit sleep. I know, this is selfishness but  even the man wanted this. Both are happily married and both not only won the race, but also participated in a new race. So, this is selfishness but in a positive way.

Hope you liked my story. And yes I know that an iPhone is an iPhone but android is not that bad. You can opt for it. Stop crying for iPhone.