Luck Or Your Efforts

A warm welcome to all my readers. Today my topic is about luck, about destiny. Do you believe in luck? Well I do not. There is no such good luck or bad luck. Because according to me, when something you gave a miss, that means you were not supposed to be there. Well, it’s all written on our destiny. I believe if you had given your part, your effort then you might not get exact success, but you will be happy with the result and guarantee, you will not get failure.

In my college days, my friends tagged me as “The Lucky Girl”. Because I used to score without studying. Not topper, but yes, with decent marks. My first year of college was very bad. I literally had no idea how to use the reference books. I had a habit of mugging up each and every sentence written in a book. I was not a  bright student. But then one professor said in one class that you will never succeed if you mugg up. You have to understand the concept. By this you can write the correct answer without studying. If you can understand the concept, in your own language that also will do, and if you make yourself understand by filmy-way that also will do. 

Yes, I applied that technique. I started understanding the concept, sometimes in Hindi, sometimes by creating a filmy scene. It was damn easy for me to understand the concept. And hence easy for me to write in the exams. But sometimes, we did cheat too. From friends-of-friends, I got this question paper. It was 50 marks and was an internal exam. So obviously, I didn’t study anything else other than what was there with me. But the professor came to know about this and she changed the question paper. It was a big question mark for me to write the answers.  To my surprise, I scored decent marks. As I said earlier, my friends used to call me lucky. They started taunting me every now and then. I explained to them that this is not at all luck. Yes, I never studied but I knew the concept. and the main thing is that I know HOW TO WRITE. Yes, I was not expecting good marks, but I was sure that I would not at all fail in that exam.

So, this is it. There is no such luck. It’s all the effort you put in. I give my effort at the start so that I don’t have to cry at the last moment. Yes, I got a tight slap by learning in a short cut way only and tried to secure first position. But it was my effort that after every class, I revised what the professor taught, by myself-making concepts.

Destiny is not in our hands. But you have to accept what has happened and try to move on. People do try to change their destiny. But if the cause is good, then obviously you will succeed. If not then you will fail horribly, making your life more miserable. So go with the flow without taking any tensions. Life will be easy. Think only about the present, make your present beautiful.

What do you prefer? Luck or Effort?

The Factual Winner

Where NOT is the competition? You are welcome in this world, because you have competed with many other sperms. Ha Ha!! and hence the celebration, the victory, for you to enter this world. Life is a race, you compete, you succeed. In each and every step, you will find competition and competitors. Office, college, school and even taking admission in nursery, you will find competitors. “My child knows A for apple, your child knows only ABC, my child wins !! ” – Haa Haa !

But in this competition, who wins ? One who is the winner or the one who actually struggles from failure. Well in this case, both are winners. But what we see is the result. We don’t see their struggle, we just see the result. Even if the result is not from a good source of background, then also we see the result. Resulting in other competitors to struggle more.

. Well in the case of kids, just imagine what parents go through. We all say that it’s ok, if the child is not good in studies, It’s ok if this, It’s ok if that. But we all know that if the child is not good at studies, then parents have to buckle up and make them study day and night. In this both parent and child suffer a lot and the child suffers in hell. Because If the child is not good in studies, then whatever you do, The child will not cope up. But we want winners. Because we see winners. Harsh but true reality.

There was one time, when we never used to get more than 93% marks. because it was not allowed. Only in mathematics, full marks were allowed but in the rest of the subject, there was a cutoff. Like 98 out of 100 or 95 out of 100 and you fail only if you score below 35 out of 100. That means both pass and fail had numbers. But now, not scoring more than 97 is like failure. You will not get admission in the college of your choice. But what confuses me is that entering a good college requires only a percentage. They will not see, from which medium you are from, they will not see which board you had taken in 10th grade, they will not see whether you have taken some kind of scholarship, They will not see which subjects you excel, nothing. They  just see the percentage. Still, we want our kid to know A B C D of each and every subject. Not only that, they should know about Hollywood movies too. This is what we see. The result!

After all this struggle, some kids are forced to specialize just because many of their relatives have done it. We, parents will not see in which company our child is working, whether the company is good or not, whether my child is happy working there or not, No nothing. All we see is the result. Result of some relative who is lucrative. Just because he or she has done specialization and got a job through that course. The result!

Have you heard about peer pressure? This is something when your friends have it, but you don’t. We always see what your friend has. We never see what your friend doesn’t have. This results in the pressure of wanting your friend’s life. There are many crimes between kids when they come across such pressure. Please, we only have to stop it. Some parents give each and every thing to their kid, that’s good, not at all bad but we have to make sure that our child doesn’t get jealous of it. Our child doesn’t care for it. For that we have to teach our kids to be patient and make them understand about the advantages and also disadvantages of that thing.

Regarding studies, as I said, we only want results. and hence we have to prepare our child from its birth. As there is no choice, your child should know the different monkeys i.e. gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan, etc. your child should know the difference between crocodile and an alligator. I know its stupid, But this is we, who wants result and don’t want to see the struggle. A for NOT “All” because “All” doesn’t start with an Ae sound.

Laughing with this. But I have no choice. Study  Study Study. Get 98% marks. Go to damn good college. Go for specialization, Go aboard, Earn in dollars, and live your life at your retirement age.

By the way, who is the real winner? Time.. Time won. because we will see results. and no one is gonna ask you once you retire. Ha Ha !

The Success Story

Hi All,

Here are some quotes on Success.

Goals Allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.

First Say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

The person who gets the farthest is generaly the one who is willing to do and dare.  The sure thing boat never gets far from shore.

There are many quotes / stories / books, etc about the journey of sucess.

But the one which I liked is The Journey Of Success from #1 New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen; A 6th Bowl of Chicken soup for the soul.

This poetry is awesome.  Do Read This