Picture Talk – A Birthday Dish

Hey! Hello my readers. I have seen many blogs who do picture talk. So basically they write about what they feel and understand by just looking at pictures. Some picture talks were awesome. I never thought that this picture would give you such a message. While some picture talks were ok types. So, I’m trying my best and this is my first time that I am doing a picture talk.

Firstly, here is my picture.

Here are my views on this picture:
First of all, this picture reminds me of my childhood days. Yes, this was the way we used to celebrate birthdays. No parents, no return gifts, no fancy party, even no fancy dresses, just a few unhealthy items and one drink. That time our all time favourite drink was Rasna. Rasna is a mango drink and was very reasonable at that time. In cake, we all loved only Black Forest and Monginis was the one which was our favourite.

We kids never forget our friend’s birthday. We were more excited when we got to know that there are two birthday parties. We celebrated birthdays obviously by cutting cakes and then solo dances and then somewhat like club dance. The host’s parents never interrupted any party. The max time was 9pm. We all were obedient kids those days. We never asked for a return gift as for us, the food was only the return gift. The birthday food consists of a small piece of cake, potato wafers, potato samosa or potato vada, not more than 2 hard-chewable chocolates. That’s it. I don’t remember much, But we kids never asked for more pieces of cakes or chocolate or any other item. The Birthday party of those days!!!

Now my actual views because I am blogger and I have to give you all a lecture.
Whether it be a birthday party, or any small get together, this platter says “five fingers are not the same, yet stay together”. The combination of cake and potato chips are very unhealthy yet we enjoy balancing the taste. Without wafers, the sweet taste of cake becomes somewhat of a nightmare, after some time. So in life, You need to change yourself, in order to look attractive and presentable. We need to keep on changing our hairstyle or dressing sense because being in the same avatar for a long time becomes boring.

Then comes the drink. The drink is again sweet in taste, But now our throat is full of small particles and we want it to get removed. Also, the drink removes the existing taste from the mouth. Same way, sometimes it is necessary to remove the stuff from our house or from our life, in order to welcome the new good things in our house or life. Even though the old things are good, but change is necessary. Change is good. The cherries in cake, some kids don’t like this and they remove it. So, what’s the use of life if we don’t have some problems in it? The hard chewable chocolates are like the people from our very first peoples, whom we can’t ignore and still like them. These people are very difficult to understand but have a sweet nature by heart.

Conclusion (because the lecture should end)
Enjoy the birthday dish with a spoon, or with your hands. All will be together in your stomach, in your life. The next morning, you have to flush in order to eat some other food. So discard old items and buy new ones. Life and death are part and parcel of our lives. We have to accept the one whom we lost and accept the new people in our life.

—————————– The End —————————–

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Accept The Non-Acceptance

Hello my readers. Today there is no topic. No, means, my topic name, “Rejection”. Sometimes, it can be disturbing for us, when we get “No” from someone. Whether it is job or love or success or some small trip, A “No” ruins our day badly. We had prepared well for a job interview, prepared well to say to someone “I love you”, prepared to ask for financial help for success, But we never prepared for rejection. Reason, we sometimes don’t think in other ways. People who have given lots of interviews don’t take the rejection seriously. Infact, we should never take rejection seriously. Rejection always has some different story, some different angle.

Sometimes, I am also scared to say “No” for something, to any person. Whenever I want to say No, I always frame the sentence in such a way that the other person should not feel bad. But I hate to do this. Why does someone not understand the “No” language? Why does he or she have to take it seriously?

This happened to me once. I was told to take responsibility for some other kid for sometime. I politely refused because my own kid was very hyper active and hence I was behind her, all eyes on her. As I was scared that my kid wouldn’t hurt another kid. But the lady got angry and started lecturing me, saying, “it’s just a matter of a few minutes. How can you say no?” I again started explaining to her my situation, and also I was running here and there, behind my daughter. But the lady was running behind me just to express her anger. I was so pissed off, that my voice got raised and told her to find someone else. Yet she continued. I chose to be silent then. After a few minutes, some parents came to me and said she always does this. and we all say no to her. Here, my only question? Why was the rejection so hard? Why was she not able to understand my situation here?  But I can’t blame her, because there are few incidents like this and it was from the people whom I knew well.

Well, sometimes, I also don’t accept rejection. Mainly from my daughter. My daughter always says “No” whatever it is. She likes to be in her own world. And if I disturb her and ask a few things then she will always reject me. Though she is small, she doesn’t understand much. But I still ask for an answer for her rejection. If I am not happy with her answer then, I fight with her alot. She says “No” so much that one day I ask her many questions. All her answers were “No”, “No, I will not say”, “I don’t want to answer”, etc. Then I asked whether she would like to have Maggie. And her answer was “no”. Later she realized what she said and she forced me to prepare Maggie for her. and then my answer was “NO”.

It is said, “Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer”. Sorry, but I completely disagree with this slogan. If you are not good enough, you have to accept that. You can’t become a pilot overnight to fly. If you are good at one thing, it means you are bad at something else. You can take out any motivational stories, some are school dropouts, some are college dropouts, some had failed marriage, etc. But yet they succeed in something else. So, You are. If you get rejected, it means you are zero in that particular point, and you have to work out a lot. If not then your destiny has some other plans.

Boys say that we girls hide our real face from makeup, indirectly forcing them not to reject us from marriage. First of all dear boys, you are not so dum that you fail to see the makeup. If any girl has done heavy makeup, and still you accepted her, by her looks then you have to get your eye check up done. There are many cases, where girls were naturally beautiful, and for some unfortunate incident they lost her beauty, which resulted in divorce. So no need to blame girls with makeup.

It is said that rejection affects our mental health. Sorry, again I don’t agree with this. The problem here is not rejection. The problem here is your mental health. That needs to be nurtured first. As I have written earlier, that lady was upset because I refused to see her kid. So here, my rejection was not a problem. Her mental health was so poor that a simple requesting “No”, made her mad. She couldn’t understand my problem too and hence rejection was blamed.

Saying “No” is not at all bad. Just Say No, if you are not comfortable. A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise. It is always better than a wrong selection. It is someone’s opinion. So get used to rejections. If you are rejected, just say “ok, not today, maybe tomorrow”. And always believe in yourself.

Thanks for reading, my readers. Hope you like my post. It’s ok, if you say “No”, because I know, not all my posts are good.

Luck Or Your Efforts

A warm welcome to all my readers. Today my topic is about luck, about destiny. Do you believe in luck? Well I do not. There is no such good luck or bad luck. Because according to me, when something you gave a miss, that means you were not supposed to be there. Well, it’s all written on our destiny. I believe if you had given your part, your effort then you might not get exact success, but you will be happy with the result and guarantee, you will not get failure.

In my college days, my friends tagged me as “The Lucky Girl”. Because I used to score without studying. Not topper, but yes, with decent marks. My first year of college was very bad. I literally had no idea how to use the reference books. I had a habit of mugging up each and every sentence written in a book. I was not a  bright student. But then one professor said in one class that you will never succeed if you mugg up. You have to understand the concept. By this you can write the correct answer without studying. If you can understand the concept, in your own language that also will do, and if you make yourself understand by filmy-way that also will do. 

Yes, I applied that technique. I started understanding the concept, sometimes in Hindi, sometimes by creating a filmy scene. It was damn easy for me to understand the concept. And hence easy for me to write in the exams. But sometimes, we did cheat too. From friends-of-friends, I got this question paper. It was 50 marks and was an internal exam. So obviously, I didn’t study anything else other than what was there with me. But the professor came to know about this and she changed the question paper. It was a big question mark for me to write the answers.  To my surprise, I scored decent marks. As I said earlier, my friends used to call me lucky. They started taunting me every now and then. I explained to them that this is not at all luck. Yes, I never studied but I knew the concept. and the main thing is that I know HOW TO WRITE. Yes, I was not expecting good marks, but I was sure that I would not at all fail in that exam.

So, this is it. There is no such luck. It’s all the effort you put in. I give my effort at the start so that I don’t have to cry at the last moment. Yes, I got a tight slap by learning in a short cut way only and tried to secure first position. But it was my effort that after every class, I revised what the professor taught, by myself-making concepts.

Destiny is not in our hands. But you have to accept what has happened and try to move on. People do try to change their destiny. But if the cause is good, then obviously you will succeed. If not then you will fail horribly, making your life more miserable. So go with the flow without taking any tensions. Life will be easy. Think only about the present, make your present beautiful.

What do you prefer? Luck or Effort?