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Hi all, Since I don’t have any topic today. So I’m re-blogging one of my old post. This post was published in sept19, 2020. Since I have good followers now, so hoping for the best.

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Make Time For Things You Love

No, this is not online lecture. But still a online lecture coz you are reading it online, but obvious. So, here its goes. 90-2000s was the year when all reality show came into our life and hence we all were very excited to see such show. And one of the show was the laughter challenge. In one of the episode this contestant crack one hilarious joke. The joke was like that:

Teacher was very upset coz the child was not at all good in English. N next day was English exam. So, she decided to make his essay perfect and told to study ‘my best friend’ and also assured him that he will get 8/10 for sure in essay and also teacher said if not best friend, then it will be my cat or my dog. Just replace the words properly.. So confidently the child went to appear for exam…

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Celebration Makes A Great Dessert

Hi all. Thanks a lot for making my “The Rhymester in me” post pretty awesome. It really means alot to me. So, I have come again with yet another poem. Well, this time it is kind of motivational poetry. It’s about celebration. I know, we all have a whale of a time but still, this is for some good vibration. Well, I am not at all a motivational speaker. But still, let me give it a try. And without wasting any time, here it goes;

Celebration Makes A Great Dessert

What’s waiting for? Let’s celebrate.
Whether it is success or birthday, never leave the joy behind.
Create one, if you don’t have any occasion.
Celebrate the kid in you.
Celebrate the human in you.
Celebrate your own birth.
Never let sadness overcome your happiness.
Cooked food? Celebrate.
Cleaned house? Celebrate.
Read books? Celebrate.
Life is meant to celebrate the victory of every moment.
Life is short, so celebrate.
Life is beautiful, so celebrate.
Celebrate the lion in you.
Celebrate the mouse in you.
Never leave a stone unturned,
because celebration makes a great dessert.

Hope you liked my new poetry. This is 100 word poetry and it was originally published by me on Momspresso website. I enjoy writing 100 word challenges there.

Celebration Make A Great Dessert ©MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

The Suspicion

“If you do not do this, then you will go to hell. You have to do these rituals” – We all must have come across such first-class statements. Even if we are not superstitious, yet we will become one. Such lines and explanations make us believe in the dark world. But is the dark world true? I believe so. Only reason, I have seen one. I have seen the effects of black magic. I have seen this family crying for help day and night from their own elder son. I have seen how the younger son affected his mental health and failed 10th grade because of this. Days were hell for them. Apart from doctors, some people started asking swamiji (the one who knows everything, scholar) about his behavior. It turned out to be a black magic trick on the older one. Family did all the rituals  and finally the bad days were gone. Years passed, and now the family is living a healthy and wealthy life.

But that was the day, and till a few years ago, if something bad happened in my life and if the things went on for a long time then the first thing that came in my mind was black magic. A few Years ago? Yes, a few years ago. I saw one cartoon and I got the best solution for such things. Well, I will tell you  about this in the last part. Till then keep reading.

But is it ok, to keep fear in our mind? We women fear men, whenever we are alone. Men usually fear about their job and salaries. Kids fear ghosts. But is it ok ? As a parent, we always make our kids scared of things. It can be anything like scare of insects, scare of animals or even scare of one family member. Until a few months ago, My daughter was not scared of anything. But now she is scared of each and every thing. Her friends say, “ghost will come”. So she is scared of ghosts. I say, “Insect will come”, So she is scared of insects now. etc.

I feel we should not teach them “fear”. Because now, I am suffering. Anyways, fear will come in their life in the form of exams n admission and job etc. So don’t take the pressure of brain-fearing them.

I know fear makes us active. But without fear also, we can be active. Many people have experienced ghosts in their life. So what to do in such a case? To be honest, I have read many stories about people who have experienced ghosts but I find their stories to be a little incomplete. The last line is always, “left the room”, “ran from the place” , etc etc. But what happened exactly, You left the room and you went where ? You ran where ? Nothing. The endings are incomplete. Hence I am not sure about the ghost encountered. Here, I’m not talking about Annabelle or Conjuring. That is a different story. Experiencing a dear one’s soul is also different. I have heard about this too. People do experience the souls of their dear ones. But people have given valid reasons behind this.

Fear can take an emotional toll. It can cause mental illness. and hence we should overcome our fear. Fear always brings negative energy and this can affect not only our health but also wealth. Fear is natural, but it should not extend.

Well, I had one incomplete story at the start. The solution, right? I got one solution to the black magic or fear. Well, I was watching this Cartoon Shin Chan, The episode was about a doll who was possessed and entered into the Nauhara family. But Shin Chan and his sister, not only makes the doll dirty, but also his sister does potty on it. and mother finally throws it in the dust bin. The possessed doll couldn’t do anything. and now she is so dirty that nobody wants her. So this is the solution, if ever u feel that u are in a negative source then behave in weird ways. Make the negative force to be away from you in such a way that it should not bother you. Be positive in life, Be fearless, always do “Nae Nae Boo Boo” with negative things. If someone says that it’s black magic, don’t panic. Keep smiling and think in which way you can keep the negative force away from you. Stay Cool, Stay Calm. You’re the only one, who can give response to positive or negative energy.