A Chitty Chitty Chat Chat Post

No, this is not online lecture. But still a online lecture coz you are reading it online, but obvious. So, here its goes. 90-2000s was the year when all reality show came into our life and hence we all were very excited to see such show. And one of the show was the laughter challenge. In one of the episode this contestant crack one hilarious joke. The joke was like that:

Teacher was very upset coz the child was not at all good in English. N next day was English exam. So, she decided to make his essay perfect and told to study ‘my best friend’ and also assured him that he will get 8/10 for sure in essay and also teacher said if not best friend, then it will be my cat or my dog. Just replace the words properly.. So confidently the child went to appear for exam and in essay it was ‘my father’ so this is what he wrote.

“Fathers and fathers are everywhere. But true father is very rare. I have many fathers but mohanlal is my best father. He often comes home. My mother loves him very much….

Moral: A father in need is a father indeed. “

So.. We must have went through this kind of incident where our family or friends must have taught you how to deal with situation but you unknowingly spoiled the situation. And then the blame game starts.

But actually, who is the culprit here. The friends or family, or the one who couldn’t handle the situation or the one who created the situation.

Answer is no one.. Yes, no one is responsible here. Coz we are not able to see and we do not see the situation in different angle. So lets not consider the above incident as joke and take this as serious part. You will find each and every word true. Just check the moral of the story, ‘father in need is a father indeed’.. So true right??

Every fight, every situation has different angle. Just think twice and your situation will turn into a joke.

It’s a human nature, that we always comes to fight verbally or physically but just give a smile and stand there and see how uncomfortable the opposite person will be.

Here is one more example, I found it on net. This lady has two kids, so obviously these kids make noise, jump here and there, fights, etc. The other lady who stays below her flat came up and fought with this lady n told her to educate the kids properly. In turn this lady didn’t utter a single word, just gave a smile. The other lady was so uncomfortable that she realized her mistake and understood that they are kids and they have full rights to enjoy.

So there are many such incidents on internet world, just check them. You will find inner peace after reading those .. And what about my post?? My lecture?? Ok.. Leave it.. You can take a break now.

9 thoughts on “A Chitty Chitty Chat Chat Post

  1. Nice one …Ignore or avoid…but quite difficult when our amchigalli pacchis( our community aunties) hold your hand so tight before they start firing. I had actually diverted one such pacchi’s mind saying “ayyo! Pattigunni taggu”( omg! Centipede near ur foot) , she released my hand and jumped in fear and started panicking.She asked where?I said ” I was just there.. wait a min , i shall quench ny thirst and come” Bas. ! Wo din tha aur aaj ka din hai , I avoid her completely..Roflllllll…..

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