A Chitty Chitty Chat Chat Post

Hi all, Since I don’t have any topic today. So I’m re-blogging one of my old post. This post was published in sept19, 2020. Since I have good followers now, so hoping for the best.

Do read this one.. #HappyReading

Make Time For Things You Love

No, this is not online lecture. But still a online lecture coz you are reading it online, but obvious. So, here its goes. 90-2000s was the year when all reality show came into our life and hence we all were very excited to see such show. And one of the show was the laughter challenge. In one of the episode this contestant crack one hilarious joke. The joke was like that:

Teacher was very upset coz the child was not at all good in English. N next day was English exam. So, she decided to make his essay perfect and told to study ‘my best friend’ and also assured him that he will get 8/10 for sure in essay and also teacher said if not best friend, then it will be my cat or my dog. Just replace the words properly.. So confidently the child went to appear for exam…

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