Like Or Comment And How?

Hello my Fabulous reader. Happy Reading to you all. I am addicted to social media. Sometimes I wonder, what will be my life if I start uninstalling all my social media apps. I like to spend time on social media a lot. Sometimes for fun and sometimes to learn something. I am fond of synonyms and like to use it wherever applicable. I have even written one post on it. Do check it out. “English- The supreme Being“. Do not want to lie to you, I even see some rubbish videos. Some people have lots of time creating and editing. But what is amusing is that they have lots of guts to upload the same on social media. And yes, they get more likes and comments. Though all comments are slang, this is what they want. Attention and publicity. Netizens don’t understand that the more likes and comments, the more powerful the post will be and will flash every time on the first screen, urging more people to interact with that post.

When only Facebook was ruling, that time In India (I don’t know about other countries), there were several posts of undernutrition sick kids, with the message saying it needs 50k or 1 lac likes to save this kid. Sometimes they even said to write “prayers” in the comment section or something like this to save the kid. Yes, the post used to get that many likes and comments. As I mentioned earlier, the more likes and comments, the more powerful the post will be. and hence the revenue. Yes, people earn through this. But there was no proof, whether the post was genuine or not. Hence, there were many articles urging people not to like and comment. Well, I don’t have that article right now, because it’s too old.

To avoid this, funding came into picture. People took maximum use of this. and even succeed. and then came this lady. Click here to see what she did. She became very popular when caught. Such incidents make people stop helping others.

Still there are many post of soldiers or god’s, saying that a nude girl will get like, but a soldier will never get like. So I stalk this guy to check how much he follows his own rule. Laughter, his posts were full of nude girls. Such people create nudity and wants to educate people. Not only that, people follow dead people. I never understood this logic, how can you follow the person, when you know that he is already dead. There are many celebrities like this who are no more but their followers increased after their death. The celebrities or the family are not the ones who upload the pics in their social media account. It’s their PR team. And once the celebrity is gone, why will the PR team be with them?

Yes I do comment sometimes. Not on such content. But on the content who gives incomplete or false information. Recently, there was one ad on Facebook, regarding a newly launched high-rise building. The project is near my area and hence I know the area very well. The project said, “Sea view facing”. I commented, “It’s not at all sea view. It’s a creek view and this is Mumbai, not Maldives. So there is a difference between creek and sea view”. To my surprise, I got a few likes and also a few funny replies to that comment. In another incident, I was shocked to see one of the reputed companies, who projected lavassa as Italy. Lavassa is actually a failed city in pune and people go there for a one day trip. And yes, there is no Italy feeling in that city at all. Absolutely nothing. Obviously, I commented requesting them not to spread false information. But a few days later, they uploaded one video, where they literally showed us what to steal from a hotel room and what not. Like you can steal toothbrushes and all but not iron. Really?? Is it?? We did not know this. So unfollow and live a peaceful life.

So basically, You can’t ignore the post. The post is portraited in such a way that you will comment on it or like it. Some netizens did on that undernutrition fake post, I did on this incomplete information post. It’s like Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it.

Social media is vast. Yes, I do portrait my life in that. You can say it, “Attention”. I do it for that and also, this is my time-pass. I follow some useless handles, I follow some valuable handles too. I had posted rubbish content, I had posted some valuable information too. I did show off, I showed my real life too. I stalk, I have blocked a few known people from stalking me.

In the end, I will just say a simple thing: be active on social media, but be alert. Keep your notification on. and don’t ignore them at all. Be safe. Click on likes, Comment on proper post / friend’s post only. & Please don’t click on unknown links.

Thanks a lot readers for taking your time and reading this post. Also, have a look at my social media post. “Life at social media

My Centenary Post

Here I am, writing my One Hundredth Blog Post. Yeah, I repeat, this is my 100th post. Wow! Wow because I can’t believe that I have finally reached here. I remove my helmet, raise my bat and look towards heaven. Super excited today to write my 100th post. I know it was a tortoise walk but at least I didn’t give up this time. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. But when this day came, I don’t know what happened, It literally took me a lot of days, in-fact months, just to open my laptop and write on this topic. Not because I was busy, I was basically too tired to write on something. Just Imagine, I had a topic, I knew the content, yet I took months to write. Why? But Why? I keep asking myself this question. 

My 100th Post

As this post is my 100th, this post is exceptionally remarkable and extra special to me. Because I am ending this year with my 100th post. With Christmas and new year around, I like to revisit my posts. Well, As I said in my earlier post that I started with this blog almost 13 years back and as a newcomer my first post was about “Happy New Year 2009“. Oh! What a coincidence. Started with the New Year and ended with the New Year.  My last post was in October 2021, The Suspicion, Almost a gap of 2 months now. It’s really funny, when you know what to write, yet did not write about it. But these 2 months were not easy for me. Because, I had to keep my readers busy. and hence had to keep on sharing my post on social media. Well, A big thanks to all writers on twitter who followed me (main, important and necessary), who supported me and encouraged me to take part in their discussion. Well, now Since I’m a housewife and  hence I can’t match my timings with the discussion forum. But I am happy to see increasing numbers of followers on twitter. Really Big thanks to all “Writers Lift”  community. I would also like to thank LinkedIn for giving me the opportunity to create a discussion forum on their site.

Last but not the least, I want to thank all my readers, who have actually read and given genuine comments. Though not on my site, but on social media or on my face. Yes, many were positive and some were negative. But at least they were genuine. You are what keeps me going! Yeah, I will write more and more and more.

Feels really good when your work gets appreciated. Since now-a-days I write a lot, I started writing a 100 word story. You can check my momspresso blog. I enjoy writing 100 words there.

Why do I write? Because I love it and I know what and how to write. Ha Ha ! I feel relaxed after publishing my post. I feel as if I have achieved something in my life. Though not really, But yes I have achieved new readers, new followers and of course appreciation from my readers and that feeling is incredible. I have almost 70 followers on facebook, 462 followers on twitter (almost more than half are writers), 39 followers on my website and 12 email followers. I know, the count is less but I know slow and steady will win the race.

Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have the patience to read my piece of heart. It means a lot!  Love you all. Keep reading.

Our Life In Social Media

In this social media world, is it necessary to express our so-called “knowledgeable thoughts” to others? In this busy world,  we always come up with not understanding the concept and always rush to the idea of solutions. We feel excited when we get some good news. We always want to express this to others, right? But, what if we get some bad news. Yes, this too we express to others but few people do write this somewhere on the internet.

We all have seen the world in our ways. Some face-to-face , some on the internet. Whether through pics or through written posts, we have seen all. But is it worth posting such things on the internet?  Well, in today’s world, we have major deep privacy settings. So, even if you type a long message, and you want that one person to read it, then mind you, that person is reading your post, laughing at your post, deleting your post, ignoring your post, unfriending you and still you will have no clue of it. Because of our latest privacy settings.

So, what’s the use? You wanted that person to react but he / she didn’t even bother. And then you get msg from any random person, whom you never thought of and what ? he / she will start telling his / her own stories rather  than solutions. So you end up being more depressed and unhappy. This is the world my friend!. Where people are ready to hear the good news and ignore the bad and depressed one. 

Let’s take a few scenarios here. Lets imagine, in this pandemic you got a job. (Wow, awesome feeling right). You want to share this news to someone. You start calling one by one to all the near and dear ones, you tell them how you struggled to get the job. Everybody will listen and congratulate you. Right? (prayers for everyone to get settled). Now, the second scenario, You lost your job due to the pandemic and you need a job to meet your financial needs. So you start calling one by one, but who will listen to you. Even if your story is true, that you got fired because of no-reason, yet  people will come up with their own stories, and spread lies about you. Even though their company has a vacancy, still they will judge you for your past and not offer the job to you. They know you need financial help right now, still they will not give you money. Forget about this pandemic, people will not help you financially, in any condition. and will always be away from you.

Here comes the online scenario. Many people took help of social media to express themself. Some say it’s very bad. I used to think it’s a very bad idea to write everything online. But there is one different angle to it. People write not to put their own dear-ones down, but to start a conversation. and hence people started writing their posts online. Whether it is facebook, twitter or instagram, people don’t leave any social medias’ now. People even mention that they are taking a break from social media. Yes, all people read, Even the concerned person reads, But get response from the person to whom we are not connected. 

But is this right? Yes, it’s completely right. In this social media world, where we have many friends online, one friend always comes forward just to say “hi hello”. Though he or she has no intention to help, they know by talking at least someone will feel better. To be honest, real friends also do this. But they also expect us to consider them as “busy”.

It happened a few days back,  my one comment on social media landed on their whatsapp group. Although the group is not active everyday, at least someone replies whenever others say “hi” or “good morning”. Feels good when someone shares an old pic, and the conversation starts with it.

So, If you don’t want to type your sad post, at least comment or share some old post, the conversation will start automatically. And hence if good, share with others and if bad share it online.. Good wishes.