The Zodiac Signs

When I heard about the Zodiac Signs, I wondered what is this? First of all, what is the meaning of the Zodiac Signs? So as per the internet, “it is a belt of the heavens within about 8° either side of the ecliptic, including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and most familiar planets. It is divided into twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)”. So basically, the Zodiac means circle or cycle or round or merry-go-round which is divided into twelve equal signs.

So when I was in school, and I came across these Zodiac Signs, the first thing that came in my mind was, who will remember these names now? Because at that time, I was already learning the names of Indian months. And believe me, It’s still difficult for me to remember the names and also its spelling. And my next question which is always the same for everything, i.e. who invented these signs?

As when I grew up, I saw that many actually follow their signs. Like, they will check in the newspaper about their today’s horoscope and act accordingly the whole day. This annoys me alot. I am not against reading fortune or astrology. But stop disgracing others. If the fortune says, stay away from people whose names start from “d” (for example), People actually followed that. Whole day they will ignore friends/ relatives, even their family members whose names started from “d”. This might have given you good luck, but you ended up losing someone. So is that good luck to you?

I always wonder, what’s there in these Zodiac Signs? Why does it have an effect in our lives? Like in India we say “Shani bhaari hai, Raahu – ketu ke prabhaav hai, etc”. Does this really affect our life? Or does it affect our “mind” and hence our life? Well, this will be a big debate.

When Instagram started ruling, I came across this handle. Well, my Zodiac Sign is Virgo. To be more precise, August Virgo. Because, this handle distinguishes August Virgo and September Virgo. According to this handle, August Virgo acts differently and September Virgo acts differently. September Virgo are more dangerous than August Virgo. So I started following. Following this handle, not the sign. Some facts were so true that actually made me to like it, share it and comment on it. One such fact is “Virgos are introverts, But when you know them you will wonder, why she / he doesn’t stop talking”. Well, very true.  

But wait, is this behaviour just because I am Virgo or because I chose to be like this? If this is because of Virgo, then I can’t change myself. Virgo has to change in order to change me. But If this is because of me, then I should not change. Because who cares, if I change. Still a big question to point at Virgo sign. I am perplexed.

I usually don’t open up until I know the person. Once I start knowing them, Then I show all my different faces. In Hindi it is, “mere alag-alag roop”. 

Mere Alag-Alag Roop

Since, I don’t earn now and hence I do some timepass research. So I searched who is the enemy of Virgo? So google said, “Virgo enemy signs include Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini. These signs do not get along with Virgo”.  Ha ha!. I am married to Gemini, and that too love marriage. Yes, we do fight but we are not enemies at all.  And again, Ha ha ha Ho Ho Ho! My daughter is Aries. She has no choice when she says that she wants to eat different food and I denied it. Poor girl, eats whatever I make.

Well, wait, Should I worry? That means father-daughter will plan a big plot against me? Oh No!! Then I should run. Anyways, again as per internet, Virgo is the second sign who runs from situations, when things don’t go as per their plan. But who cares?

Since I have lots of time to waste on googling about Virgo, Hence what color is Virgo attracted to? The colours that appeal best to a Virgo are pastels and pale shades such as peach and mauve to light blue and light pink. Apart from these, earthy colours like grey, dull brown, and all shades of brown appeal to them. — Wait… what ?? pale shades, peach, light pink, grey, dull brown??? Seriously ??? I hate these colours.. Now the question arises, Am I really a Virgo??

Following your signs is not an issue. Issue is when you create an issue out of it. Read, understand and leave the content aside. It’s the people who are good or bad to you, not their sign. Like I said, My husband is Gemini and my daughter is Aries, does this mean that they are enemies to me? No.. not at all. Even people sharing the same birth date have opposite personalities. So, just read your horoscope, take a few points seriously, and be alert. Anyways, you have to be alert every day, every minute, even if the horoscope says, “Good news ahead”.

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Our Life In Social Media

In this social media world, is it necessary to express our so-called “knowledgeable thoughts” to others? In this busy world,  we always come up with not understanding the concept and always rush to the idea of solutions. We feel excited when we get some good news. We always want to express this to others, right? But, what if we get some bad news. Yes, this too we express to others but few people do write this somewhere on the internet.

We all have seen the world in our ways. Some face-to-face , some on the internet. Whether through pics or through written posts, we have seen all. But is it worth posting such things on the internet?  Well, in today’s world, we have major deep privacy settings. So, even if you type a long message, and you want that one person to read it, then mind you, that person is reading your post, laughing at your post, deleting your post, ignoring your post, unfriending you and still you will have no clue of it. Because of our latest privacy settings.

So, what’s the use? You wanted that person to react but he / she didn’t even bother. And then you get msg from any random person, whom you never thought of and what ? he / she will start telling his / her own stories rather  than solutions. So you end up being more depressed and unhappy. This is the world my friend!. Where people are ready to hear the good news and ignore the bad and depressed one. 

Let’s take a few scenarios here. Lets imagine, in this pandemic you got a job. (Wow, awesome feeling right). You want to share this news to someone. You start calling one by one to all the near and dear ones, you tell them how you struggled to get the job. Everybody will listen and congratulate you. Right? (prayers for everyone to get settled). Now, the second scenario, You lost your job due to the pandemic and you need a job to meet your financial needs. So you start calling one by one, but who will listen to you. Even if your story is true, that you got fired because of no-reason, yet  people will come up with their own stories, and spread lies about you. Even though their company has a vacancy, still they will judge you for your past and not offer the job to you. They know you need financial help right now, still they will not give you money. Forget about this pandemic, people will not help you financially, in any condition. and will always be away from you.

Here comes the online scenario. Many people took help of social media to express themself. Some say it’s very bad. I used to think it’s a very bad idea to write everything online. But there is one different angle to it. People write not to put their own dear-ones down, but to start a conversation. and hence people started writing their posts online. Whether it is facebook, twitter or instagram, people don’t leave any social medias’ now. People even mention that they are taking a break from social media. Yes, all people read, Even the concerned person reads, But get response from the person to whom we are not connected. 

But is this right? Yes, it’s completely right. In this social media world, where we have many friends online, one friend always comes forward just to say “hi hello”. Though he or she has no intention to help, they know by talking at least someone will feel better. To be honest, real friends also do this. But they also expect us to consider them as “busy”.

It happened a few days back,  my one comment on social media landed on their whatsapp group. Although the group is not active everyday, at least someone replies whenever others say “hi” or “good morning”. Feels good when someone shares an old pic, and the conversation starts with it.

So, If you don’t want to type your sad post, at least comment or share some old post, the conversation will start automatically. And hence if good, share with others and if bad share it online.. Good wishes.