World Water Day

Hello my readers! A very good day to you all. As you all know, March 22nd is observed as ‘World Water Day’. So, here I am with my ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’. Yes, again rhyme. But this time, I am happy because my daughter actually read this verse and she really liked it. Her favourite line from this verse is “‘No water’, and she threw the bomb”.

My daughter enacts every lines from this verse. I find it very cute and hence this verse is special to me.

A month before, Mumbai ran out of water and this verse is somewhat about it. So happy reading.


World Water Day

Rita and Amita, good friends
loves to make reels and make it trend.

Dancing and hoping all day
and in the end, their faces were all gray.

Hungry and thirsty, they went to mom
“No water”, and she threw the bomb.

Rita went to shop, to buy water jar
but “it’s not available, it’s very far”

Amita searched it online,
but “out of stock” was their headline.

Then papa came home, playing cricket,
“I have to take a bath” was the big-ticket.

Utilizing the only bucket, full of water, they had,
everyone had to wait for the pipeline to get repaired.

The whole day, without food, without water, they somehow managed
but thinking life without water, they all were emotionally damaged.

That one day, they were in stress
but in the end, receiving water was a bless.

They learned a lesson to save and store
and this is not rocket science, you should not ignore.

Really blessed you are, with access of water
some cry and beg for it, some paid high-price for her

Life without water is nothing and vegetable
so let’s take a pledge, this world water day,
to conserve and use it wisely,
else it will be inaccessible.


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Eerie Habit

Hello my readers!!. A very good day to all. Today, I am back with my dilly dally writing. Obviously, we all have some habits. Some habits are good and some are weird, some habits we cannot stand by and some habits are just-wow. Lets not be shy about it, we all have some weird habits and so do I. We know that we have to change it but we do not want to do it because it’s now comfortable and relaxing for us. Ok, I am shy to write about my weird habit. And yes, I do not want to change it because it’s comfortable and yes, relaxing too.

But sometimes I wonder, why do we have such weird habits? I mean, some like to stalk, some purposely upload posts so that others can stalk you, some trying to be the center of attraction, some making others discouraged etc. So such are some weird habits. I know some will say it’s a physiological problem. But I think, we are not physio but we want some attention in our life and hence such kind of weird behavior.

We always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But we always do that only. No one has time to open the book if the cover is not good. Similarly, we will be noticed only if we are weird. Let’s take today’s example, the social media post gets viral only if it has some weird content in it. And to inflate that attention, people do more weird things and hence those things become their habit. And then his habit becomes an obsession. People do more weird things, in order to get attention. But this should not happen, this should stop.

Like I wrote earlier that some weird habits are comfortable and relaxing, actually it’s not good. We should always come out of our comfort zone. To always be in a comfort zone results in irritation if we do not get a chance to execute our habit. Like some who have a habit of smoking while using the toilet. But what if you are at someplace where smoking is not allowed. For how much time will you hold your toilet? So such are small examples.

So what should we do? change the habit? huh.. Well, I do not want to change my habit. But what I did is, I made my brain strong. When in somebody else’s house I have to train my brain that I should not behave like that. Well 90% of the time it worked. Oh yes, 10% it didn’t work. That means, my other alternative is not working. Ahh well, that means I have to change this habit. Ok Yes, eerie habits should be changed. No habit is comfortable and relaxing. It’s just an obsession, a very bad obsession. 

It is said, “Your habit will determine your future”. Yes, well said. and hence “A change in bad habits leads to change in life”. 

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Things I See When I Take A Walk.

Hello my precious readers. A very good day to all. So, again I am back with my “johny johny yes papa” rhyme. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Because nowadays, I blog for my daughter. Yes, this rhyme is again for my daughter, which was supposed to be published somewhere in a school magazine or something. But I think they didn’t like it. Hence, I am publishing it here. Anyways, I always publish the post or rhyme which I have written elsewhere. So here it goes;


It’s been a long time,
haven’t been to my favorite place.
So let’s go there and take a walk
and see things and talk.

The portion of huge lawn,
reserved by beautiful aunties
recites prayers and storytellers
in their sixties.

Small playground, seized by football lovers
playing like Ronaldo and Messi
wearing their favourite jersey.

The kids’ play area
is like a war zone
less they play,
the more they cry in high tone.

The walking track by the side
is always empty
kids started using them
for cycling.

Some use the lawn
for picnics
the security guards always shout at them
for eating in public.

Yes, this is my favourite place,
because I can see guava, custard apple and lemon tree
which kids pluck and eat
because it’s free.

Come and visit my favourite park.
I am sure you will like it to the top.
and let me know the things you saw
when you took a walk.


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