Things I See When I Take A Walk.

Hello my precious readers. A very good day to all. So, again I am back with my “johny johny yes papa” rhyme. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Because nowadays, I blog for my daughter. Yes, this rhyme is again for my daughter, which was supposed to be published somewhere in a school magazine or something. But I think they didn’t like it. Hence, I am publishing it here. Anyways, I always publish the post or rhyme which I have written elsewhere. So here it goes;


It’s been a long time,
haven’t been to my favorite place.
So let’s go there and take a walk
and see things and talk.

The portion of huge lawn,
reserved by beautiful aunties
recites prayers and storytellers
in their sixties.

Small playground, seized by football lovers
playing like Ronaldo and Messi
wearing their favourite jersey.

The kids’ play area
is like a war zone
less they play,
the more they cry in high tone.

The walking track by the side
is always empty
kids started using them
for cycling.

Some use the lawn
for picnics
the security guards always shout at them
for eating in public.

Yes, this is my favourite place,
because I can see guava, custard apple and lemon tree
which kids pluck and eat
because it’s free.

Come and visit my favourite park.
I am sure you will like it to the top.
and let me know the things you saw
when you took a walk.


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