The Two Sides Of Coin

Hi all. I have come up again with yet another story. But I think, this one will be a different from the rest because in this I am not giving any moral or so-called lecture. But still I have to write disclaimer that this is purely my imagination and it is neither copied from other website nor related to real characters. And yes, my favorite line i.e. don’t sue me for this and blah blah.

In this story, there are two characters. Both of them have same name, Khushi. One is Ms. Khushi and other one is Mrs. Khushi. Both share the birthday and birth year. Their hobbies are also same. Surprisingly both holds the same degree. But one lives in Mumbai city and is unmarried  and other lives in a developed village and married. Developed village means all facilities are there but not as Mumbai city like its night life, food around every corner, easy travelling, etc.

Lets kick off with Ms. Khushi from Mumbai City:
Khushi as the name suggest happiness. The same way Ms. Khushi is optimistic in her life. She likes clubbing, roaming, enjoying life every bit and she has lots of friends. She was not a kitchen person. She hated to be in kitchen and in house. She was transparent about what she wanted in her life i.e. happiness from exploring places and parties with friends and relatives. What she was missing is boyfriend or true love. She had boyfriend in her past but she wanted a commitment. And hence, the search for a true love was going on. Along with that she was trying very hard to get into one company. She got rejected from that company many times, but she always tried to get there. And finally, she cracked the interview and got the job. She was amused, that she gave a lavish party to everyone. In that Party, she found one. That guy was working in the same company. After few months, they both got married. Now, both the Khushi(s) are Mrs. Khushi. Now the real life started after marriage. As I mention earlier that she was not the kitchen person. Her husband expected cooking from her, expected clean house. Even though her husband threw parties but he expected at least one dish made by her. Khushi could not able to handle both the professional and personal life and she was irregular to work. So obviously, she got warning from her office. The blame game began now. Her perseverance didn’t paid off. She decided to concentrate more on office life, and started doing clubs and parties with her friends. Her husband didn’t like this and decided to part his ways from her. Even Khushi agreed and she became Ms. Khushi again. But in all this mess, she was weary to work, she was powerless to club , distressed of parties. Even though she liked this, she wanted peace and wanted to relax. She was fazed by what she went through. So one day she went to this developed village, where one of her friend stay. And of course, our second Mrs. Khushi also stays in this village. She was so impressed by this village, its cleanliness, time-to-time routine. She decided to leave Mumbai city and settled there. She re-married and became Mrs. Khushi again.

Now lets see what second Khushi i.e. Mrs. Khushi doing in this developed village:
Mrs. Khushi, our original character from developed village. Mrs. Khushi is also glad with her life. Time-to-time routine, no late workings, Stills enjoys with her friends and relatives without clubbing and parties. But this Mrs. Khushi, loves to be in kitchen. She makes different foods every time. She loves to keep her house clean. And she too was clear with her life i.e. she wanted simple, no-hectic , no-problem life. But Yes, even though she was married, she was missing true love from her husband. She tired all possible ways to make him charmed, but her husband never notice her. Hence, she too was trying to get job of chef, since she was excellent in cooking, so that she can divert her mind from all this things. And yes, she got one. Her job life was pretty good. In promotion, she shifted to Mumbai. Even her husband came along with her. Mrs. Khushi was surprise to see Mumbai life. The late workings, the clubbing, etc. She was surprise to see that Mumbai never sleeps. and no one bother other. Everyone is in their own world. Mrs. Khushi started liking Mumbai a lot but her husband showed apathy because he was use to with his time-to-time routine. Things didn’t work out with them  and they decided to part their ways. Her husband came back to village but Khushi stayed. Now, Mrs. Khushi is Ms. Khushi. Staying in Mumbai, Ms. Khushi started doing parties and clubbing. She got many true love but she never committed to them. She started looking marriage through blue glasses. Ms. Khushi wants to be independent women in her whole life now.

So every coin has two sides. One gave chance to her broken marriage and re-married again, without any fear of divorce. Where as, the second one  was little fear to settle down. Both are right in their ways, as both are financially independent. As, we flip up the coin and wait for head or tail side, like ways our life too flips every second and every moment. We should never wait for head or tail side. Go with the flow, the solution is always with you, without fear.

Did I lectured again? Oh! My Bad. Hope you like my story. Do comment. 

If No Style

Good old days, when we used to run outside to play with friends, with messy hair, no toys, old and stained clothes. Those days I will call it ‘SSC Board’ days. Slowly, things changed. Our A B C D became AE, BA, KA, DA. Literature became a very important vocal language. I call these days the ‘CBSE and ICSE boards’ days. This board not only teaches you to build confidence but also teaches you to be in style. This year 2021, everyone has style. This generation is a style generation. Girls have to be fit and slim to get fit in designer dresses. In this world of Zara and H&M, If you buy clothes from Big Bazaar Fashion then it’s a shame-shame. Everyone goes awful if u dont buy branded clothes. And If you buy cheap clothes then you will either be considered as poor or as Miser or even lazy.

But what if you genuinely don’t have style. Yes, I’m one of them. I don’t have style at all. I don’t buy branded clothes, I don’t have proper accessories for my clothes, no earnings, no hand bag, no make-up. I carry the same bag everywhere, I don’t care whether it matches my clothes or personality or not.

I don’t remember the last time I had a make-up set. It’s not that I don’t have money to buy (at least I have money to buy the basic ones) but I feel I don’t need it. It’s not that I’m beautiful or something, It’s like I feel, I don’t need it. If a normal cream can make my skin dry to normal then why to go for concealer or foundation. It’s ok for me. Not a big deal.

I am Happy with street clothes. I become very conscious if I buy branded clothes. I am very scared that it will get ripped off or the colour will fade, etc. Of Course the quality is good and comfortable , no doubt about that but still i’m ok with the 300 to 400 Rupees kurti leggings. At Least I can buy more. Some clothes take more than a year, some give up in a month, some in a wash only. But it’s ok.. As I am aware that it’s a low quality product and will not last long. In jeans, also I prefer to wear boys-type which is not ripped one, and not the skin touched. I want the free size jeans with proper pockets. So basically, I’m an old schooled woman, where I want all the products within a limited range, and I know I will get it somewhere on the street.

So, what’s My life, In No style. As i said earlier, People keep names if u dont have style. They think, im some sort of lazy person or must be very poor, who can’t afford these things. In Fact you are almost out of their group. and here u can actually judge them. Why need such friends in life. I have seen many people, who get in style only during specific n special occasions. yet they have beautiful non-judging friends. Seen many people who don’t have style yet have knowledge on brands and most important, they use their brain.

Style of course gains attraction  but According to me, whatever clothes you wear, just see to it that it should be decent and colour combination should be proper. Also, wear decent shoes because it is said that the first impression is always your shoes. No need for any accessories like bangles, earrings, etc. Use your brain when and how to talk. Use your intelligence. and if you have money, invest properly. U can buy branded clothes later also.