A Promise Not to Fake Promise

We live in India, where we have so many ads, so much content on Raksha Bandhan. We all know what the importance of Raksha Bandhan is. But today, let’s see this from a different angle. Hope you will like this story. Let me  tell you that this is fictional and this content is just my imagination. This has nothing to do with the real world.

So, the brother – sister of this story went for a vacation in some hill station, along with their friend circle. This Hill station was a little scary. They heard about lots of paranormal activities. Yet they decided to visit there. After a long journey, they checked-in to the hotel. This Hotel was very attractive, with historical structure and statues. Looking at these sculptures, the friends started wondering why this place is haunted. They didn’t find anything to believe in this. Even the receptionist was very friendly. Still they decided to stay in one room, and stay awake the whole night. Friends enjoyed playing the whole night. They didn’t feel anything suspicious.

Next day, After a quick shower they all decided to go to a nearby location. But this sister went missing. Don’t know how, She was in the room and she didn’t went out and all the others were in the room. So nobody saw her going out. They all panicked. Started searching here and there. Checked CCTV footages, but didn’t find any clue. So they decided to call police. But when police came, all were surprised to see her with the police. Upon asking, she said that after coming out from shower, nobody was in room. So she went searching for everyone. Even receptionist was not in his place. So she went to near by police station. But everybody was surprise, coz everyone was in the room.

Now all friends became alert and decided to stay together. To overcome this thought, one friend said to visit near by locations. They all agreed. The locations was awesome and in that they completely forgot what had happened that morning. After coming back to hotel, They decided to shift to some other hotel. Everyone agreed. And they checked-in to even more attractive hotel than the previous one. Still they decided to be in one room.

But next morning, the same thing happened. But this time the brother went missing. Searched him here and there and finally he only came with police. He too said that same story to everyone that he didn’t find anyone in room and rest said, they all were there in room only. But how come this is possible. How come one cannot find a single person in room and also no CCTV footage. They all got scared and decided to leave the place at once. They all packed their bag, and left the place. Sister started driving the car. After one hour of driving, brother suddenly realized that sister doesn’t know how to drive yet she is driving smoothly. He got panicked. Told her to stop the car at once. He kept on asking her questions, But sister replied saying ‘I know driving. I have license too. I had kept this as secret coz you and family never allowed me to do what I want.” After a long argument, one friend took the driving seat.

After few hours, they realized that they never left the area. They were in same area for the long time. And the sun was also setting now. So they had no choice and have to check-in to a near by hotel. Now this hotel was very dull. No lights. stained wall paints. So they took one room but the reception didn’t agree on this. Forced them to take separate rooms. They had no choice, they all took separate room. But at night they all came to one room and stayed together. They were so scared that night that they didn’t talk to each other. Everyone was quiet. And then Boom!!!!!… Lights went off. All were scare as hell. They all screamed for help. The receptionist came for their help with one emergency light. They all saw that the brother was hurt badly and he need to be hospitalized asap. They all took him to hospital. The Sister was so scared that she didn’t leave her brother. She was next to him whole night, sleepless and restless. Took all the god’s name for courage. and was very sorry coz she was responsible for what had happened. The Sister, actually had forced everyone to visit this place and she managed to show some comments that the place is just said to be haunted, Its not actually haunted. Brother was in unconscious stage whole night. Early in morning he gain his senses. Doctor said he was out of danger and can go home. Sister then took police help to come out from that area. And finally all were at their houses. But still Sleepless night. The friends hardly met or called each other. They all were still in shocking stage.

After few days, it was Raksha Bandhan festival. When sister tied the Rakhi to brother, The brother eyes got moist and said that it was his sister whose prayers helped him, not only to come out of danger, but also to come out of that place. Brother then said, “I didn’t brought any gift for you. What you want, you tell me, I will Surely do it for you”… The sister replied, “Just one thing, please don’t play with someone’s feelings”.. and the sister went to do her own work.

Brother was little shock by this line. and was clueless that night. Next day morning he asked her what happened. So her comes the story. Brother had promised some one for marriage. That girl belonged to very conservative family and hence she left her family behind to marry this guy. But it was a fake promise. So this girl, never went back home. Where she is now, nobody knows. Sister came to know about this. And she also came to know that all friends were knowing this but yet they didn’t do anything. One day, through Internet, sister read about this hill station where people believed this place to be haunted. But this place was not at all haunted, it was people who rumored about it. So, when the sister went missing, She was actually in bathroom. But Since everyone panicked, they didn’t check the bathroom. They all went down to see the CCTV footage. Since she was in bathroom and hence it was not recorded in CCTV footage. Receptionist too got panicked and went to search her. And hence later, nobody saw her going out from hotel, to police station. Next day also, sister actually saw her brother going in bathroom and since everybody was already scared, she took the advantage of this. Also while driving the car, she saw that everyone is in fear and hence she use to take U-turns, which nobody noticed. Through Internet she came to know one point that maximum hotels in that hill stations has heritage structure and hence the walls are very thick enough for a sound to pass. N hence she knew that their panicked voice will not reach in bathroom. So, In short the Hill station was not at all haunted. It was Haunted by people only.  

After hearing this from his own sister, Brother realized how painful the journey of the girl would be. Coz She belonged to conservative family. And this brother-sister also belonged to conservative family. Hence both knew how difficult it is to do a simple things on their own. Now the girl is missing. brother decided to search her.

But wait, what about the third hotel. well, that was not at all her plan. In that, her brother accidently got hurt. So, here sister also experienced the pain of loosing someone. Even Sister realized how wrong she was. She could have talk to her brother, rather than plotting this plan. Even sister decided to help her brother in searching that girl.

That’s all for today.. Hope you all enjoy this story. Do Help each other. And do not fake promises. 

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