Love Is Adjacent

Dear Readers, Thanks a lot for making one of my blogs on imaginary stories, a huge hit. For those Readers, who haven’t read that post yet, please have a look here. It’s “A Promise Not To Fake Promise“. People appreciated my post. So after many days, actually months, I thought of writing one more imaginary story. This is about brothers who was hungry for love. Please note that this is not at all a real story, this is just my imagination. So, here it goes.

Once, in a small village, a woman gave birth to twins. But it was conjoined. She was disconsolate. She was constantly looking for a chance to do away with them. Born into a poor family, women didn’t have enough money to separate them. Years passed, and the complexity increased. She was financially broke and emotionally too. This woman was so angry and was constantly thinking what wrong she did in her whole life that she had to take care of her sons entire life. Thinking of this day and night she departed her soul in sleep. Her children were worried and started cursing themselves. What did they do? Why did their mother leave them? And the most important question is; Why mother didn’t love them? This thought kept them voiceless whole life.

After a few years, some how they completed graduation, financially helped by relatives. Now it was time to search for a job. But who will give jobs to such twins? They were worried yet they started searching for a job. But in every interview they failed just because of their appearance. In one interview they fought over salary. The company offered only one person salary and technically they were two. So years passed and they were jobless. The relatives who financially helped them started taunting them because they wanted their returns.

But biggest question, Which job they will do? To get the salary of two person they have to do job of two people. If one succeed in job and other fail then that means they both fail. Both has to give their best in interviews. Both has to pass. So which job they will do ? They thought a lot. But couldn’t get any job as such. They even went for waiter job but here also they were getting only one person salary. As such, both are different person, both has different personalities and both were best but in different fields.

Finally they thought of part time job. Where both will do their job of their willingness and will work for 4+4 hours a day. In this case, their salary was little low but they were happy that at least they have job of their love and is now happy with their earnings. Slowly they all clear their dues. But one thing they were not happy about. It was the love, The love which they didn’t get in their childhood days, nor in their college days, nor in their office days. They thought that their education was waste just because of their conjoined thing. This slowly started affecting one of the conjoined brother. The other tired his best to make him cheer up. He tired all possible ways, even told him that he will sacrifice everything and lets take proper job in order to get more money. But all failed, and the other brother went in to depression. Since they had no enough money to spent on medication, the other brother sacrificed on everything, on food, on his sleep and ordered the other brother to full fill his dream first.

Years passed, and now they had one proper job but with one salary only and other had nothing to do, just to be with him everywhere. But since he was more sharp than this brother, he succeed a lot in his job and got increment and promotion too. Finally they had money and now they can live their individual life. They went for surgery and got separated. But the other brother, who didn’t do anything, started lagging. He was also aged and hence he had no proper job. And now he was poor. He was so poor now, that he sometimes had no food to eat. When he was conjoined, he had some food to eat and use to visit some place along with his brother. But now he is lonely and helpless. He wanted to be conjoined again. But how to express this to his brother? His brother wanted his life. So how can he express what he is missing.

But the other brother, didn’t forget anything. He remembered each and every day of his life, spent with him. He remember how his brother sacrificed everything for him and even helped him to come out of depression. He then helped his brother to start his own business and also join his brother in his business. By god’s grace his business is doing great and also both the brothers are healthy and fine. The love they were searching, they got it from each other. But they were little scared too because they wanted to start their family but they don’t wanted to loose each other. They decided to marry conjoined sisters. All went great after their marriage. Their business is also doing great. Both bothers and also their wives are earning good enough from their home business. The love they wanted, they got it from their own people.

You get love, not from the perfect person but from the imperfectly perfect person. Stand by each other in tough times. Don’t forget the people who has helped us. If you cant help in return, just be with them, No matter how bad they behave with you. The person is not bad, it’s the situation which makes them to behave like this. So please just stand by them. Your presence is enough for them to get cooled down.

In this story, I have to convey only one message that love is always near by us. So stop searching outside. And always express your love. If you don’t express, then the other person will not understand your silence, resulting into fights, breakup and depression. Don’t wait for the person to “understand” your love. So keep loving your near and dear ones. keep forgiving and live and let live.

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