Color Color Which Color Do You Want?

It gives an awesome feeling when we see colors. Just imagine that our mood is not in our control and suddenly you see a rainbow, for a while you will forget everything and keep staring at the rainbow. Yes, that’s the beauty of colors. Colors make our mind free. It enhances our mood. Our life is like a blank canvas and we have to fill these with beautiful colors.

Every person has their favorite colors but some people love colors according to their personality. The people who are strong enough have dark colors as their favorite. Many people believe that black color is unlucky. But those who have tenacity in life consider black color as their personality. I like black color too. A very dark pitch, shiny black color. It looks resplendent. I prefer my accessories to be in black, like shoes, hand bags, etc. Because it looks gorgeously stunning and also this color matches with any dress.

Colors are classified as per gender too. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Black and White for widows. But being a girl, I personally don’t favor pink at all. Pink is ok, cute. But I find this color very dull and boring. I chose blue to pink. Blue, on the other hand, gives relaxation to the eyes. Blue is cool. Blue has various variant. But pink variants are mundane . But seriously, I don’t know who made this color gender. I mean why can’t boys opt for pink? Why such gender partiality? and for girls, all colors are allowed except for black and white (only if they are married). Well, there are some offices where boys are not allowed to wear pink shirts. Yes, it’s true.

Sometimes I feel bad for boys. In umbrella selection, Girls have many options. But boys have only one and that is black. Well, I know boys don’t care about colors when it comes to things like umbrellas. But at least girls’ umbrellas don’t get stolen because of unique colors and patterns. Ha Ha! anyways, its a color discrimination against men. In the case of wallets, I like men’s wallets rather than women. Because it is easy to carry and fits easily in pockets. I know I can buy that, But girls’ costumes don’t have pockets. True. Reason is, if girls’ costumes start having pockets then the sale of handbags will decrease and hence no pockets. Yes, this is the reason. In Girls’ jeans also, It has pockets but just for show. Can’t even keep mobile in it.

Some people hate some colors as if that color has done something to their life. Many people avoid red. They have many beliefs against that color. Just imagine what if red was human. Even though it is the primary color, even though no other color can make red, even though it is the color of attraction and yet people point at it and say “I will get killed by a bull, if I wear you”.. Thank God! These colors are not human.

Some people love the Golden color a lot. But they think they look rich if they wear Golden dress, Golden shoes, Golden purse. Well someone will abduct you, thinking you are wearing real gold. But seriously, We girls have this weird habit of wearing everything in Gold just to look rich. Well, Huh, No comments, looks good on you, You wear, I will wear black. Contrast matching.

All colors have emotions attached to it. But I still don’t understand why? I mean, red is anger, danger but we also have red-colored hearts i.e. love. So Is red, anger or love? Same way, Black is sad but also classic and professional. Ha Ha ! oxymoron right ? Like our life. Obviously, I don’t give a fig about the emotions. I just love the way the colors are.  Just wear them along with a smile. Enjoy your day and make life colorful. To conclude, always play the color game, “Color Color Which Color Do You Want?”

Thinking and writing about colors, The Holi festival is just around the corner. Play safe Holi, and do read my memories on Holi

Ganesha – The God of Beginnings.

In one of my previous posts, I had expressed negative views about festivals in India that festivals end up with bad news. This line didn’t go well with many people. I have many negative comments but thanks to wordpress, I have the authority to publish the comments which I want. So haters, you sit at home and enjoy this post.

Ganesh Chaturthi; hectic, vibrant and yet peaceful festival. Hectic because we have to do all the rituals, follow all the protocols to welcome Ganapati Bappa. Peaceful because, the moment Ganapati Bappa enters the house, you will automatically feel the positive vibes. The 10 days of Ganapati, not only bring peace but also bring all people together. As usual due to covid, this time too there will be restrictions. But I really miss this festival. Huge mandals, full on lights, staying awake the whole night with friends, playing some funny games so that we don’t get drowsy. We always come up with new slogans everytime, every year.

ek rupaiya ka chew gum, ganpati bappa singham..
garam Jalebi Fafda, Ganapati Bappa apda..
Kaha Chali Ho Goriya, Ganpati Bappa Moriya..
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ganapati Bappa Superstar..
Videocon Samsung, Ganapati Bappa Handsome..
ek do teen chaar, Ganapati Cha Jai Jai kaar…

Whatever the occasion is, or going somewhere, or buying new things, “Ganapati Bappa Moriya” is a must. Feeling scared or feeling lonely, Ganapati Bappa is always there. That’s the vibe of our Ganapati Bappa. In my childhood days, I used to visit almost all the nearby mandals. Stand in queue or sometimes pay them to get direct entry. My favourite mandals is the one which had short stories in it. I still want to go, but this covid has given full stop to all these mandals. I really enjoyed not only the story but also the creativity, the designs and the decorations. Creating such mandals requires patience and intelligence. Really, hats off to them.

Lalbaughcha Raja, Year 2015

The festival has been publicly celebrated in Pune since the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Peshwa rulers  were devotees of Ganesh, and started a public Ganesh festival in their capital city of Pune. In every city, the view is different. How can one can’t pay tribute to Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati in Pune and Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai. Making a plan to visit these two places is a must. That huge crowd going only in one direction, no coming back and then eating vada pavs and tea. Ha ha, we Mumbaikar never say no to vada pav. Always available 24×7 in Mumbai.

Ganapati Idol Made of many super heroes. Near NL College, Malad West, Year 2015

But when it’s time to say Goodbye, almost everyone’s eyes get moist. As if someone is going for ever and will never return back. Yes, I do cry when I see Visarjan (Immersion). For two reasons, first obviously, I don’t want this festival to end and secondly, the way we do visarjan, sometimes not saying bye in proper good rituals. Hence eco-friendly Ganapati idols are a must. But we still have to urge people to go for it. How did you forget that Goosebumps, while performing aarti, that bells gongs and tintinnabulation. Whenever I see any Ganapati Idols, I wonder how these Ganapatis are made? Awesome art work and creativity.

Ganapati Idol made up of polo (mouth freshener), Near NL college, Malad West, Year 2013

Well, how come no negative content this time? Well then here it goes. I really really really HATE the collection of songs played by DJs during Anant Chaturthi. Why you want to show “Sheela’s Jawani” (Sheela’s youthfullness) to Ganapati Bappa, before his immersion? and why you want him to tell that “Munni” is “Badnaam” (Munni is infamous for bad reasons) for him. Well, this time, I am 100% sure that  “Zalimaa” (Merciless) will definitely give “coca-cola” and will urge Ganapati Bappa to “bhuja” her “aag” (Merciless, please give me cocoa-cola and extinguish the fire within me). Seriously!! Ha Ha!!.. Do check out some more pics here

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!

Dahi Handi – A Human Pyramid Game

India is full of festivals and celebrations. 31 August, one more celebration in India and that is Dahi Handi (Dahi – Curd, Handi – earthen pot. Which means Curd inside the earthen pot). This festival represents Lord Krishna who’s love for ‘makkhan’ and ‘dahi’ and all other dairy products drove him to steal them from the residents of Vrindavan village. His foster mother, Yashoda would have to tie him up in an attempt to stop him from stealing from their neighbors. But the little ‘makkhan chor’ had the power of God on his side. Vrindavan women started tying their fresh curd at heights that Lord Krishna would not be able to reach. However, Lord Krishna was naughty and He, along with his friends formed a human pyramid to take that curd.

Obviously, many people don’t know the importance. They just play the Dahi Handi because they love it. In every society, you will find a mix of boys and girls celebrating this. In my childhood days, there were 2 types of Dahi Handi. One was the human pyramid and only boys used to climb on each other and break that Handi. The Other Game was for girls. The Handi used to be at a lower level, and we girls get  blindfold. With the help of one big stick, we used to search that Handi and break it.

As I grew up, I saw this as a business. There were professionals of both boys and girls who used to make human pyramids up to 20 feet and more . Also price money of 1 lac to 10 lacs rupees. Don’t know how much these people get in hand by risking their life. Many lost their lives too. Because the height of the tower is almost 7 to 10 floors. Watching them doing this is no doubt a magnificent view. But at the same time, you will feel ugly..

Ugly?? Yes, someone will touch you and go. In such crowded places girls always forbid themselves for such indecent incidents. Not only that, It’s not a holiday, hence I used to leave late from office to avoid traffic, rush and indecent behaviour from so-called highly educated people. Festivals, In India always end up with many such negative news. and all we do is nothing. We just wait for our law to take some actions. Anyways, Such businesses got banned. But still there are few who continue doing this.

On this auspicious day, many families cook maximum food whatever they can and offer it to Lord Krishna. Since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, all the Krishna temples in India get beautifully decorated and are open all night. Devotees play Holi too. Want to know more about Janmashtami? Click here. Jai Shree Krishna.

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