Do You Need Any Help?

Do you need help? Yes, I need one. Help is something we usually do, depending on our mood and even ask in mood, and we get help in mood too. We always teach our child to help others. But do we adults do this by heart? We ask, but in the name of asking. If we get a reply as “no”, then we are happy inside. If we get a reply as “yes”, then we curse ourselves why we have asked?

“Do you need any help? ” – we keep asking this question in order to reduce someone’s work or reduce someone’s tension. But sometimes, we get so exhausted from our daily routine that we forget to ask this question. Due to many restrictions in this pandemic, we failed to ask even if we wanted to ask. But yet, people helped each other somehow in this difficult situation. But what amused me was people started asking this same question on social media when Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput departed his life. Well, Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on 14 June 2020, i.e. in the peak pandemic year and that time It was said that he was in depression and he committed suicide by hanging himself. Later, It turned out to be murder and the investigation is still going on. So, when the depression news broke out, everyone started posting on social media that we will help you, talk to us, etc etc and all that.

image courtesy @maketimeforthingsyoulove

My question here is “Will you surely help people who are in depression?”. Do you have that much time and energy to listen and understand someone’s story? If we don’t have someone’s phone number and that person calls you, then we will wait for truecaller. And upon knowing who is calling you, we either hang up the phone, send him a “busy in meeting” message or you will wait till the call disconnects on its own. But you will not pick the call. Harsh, but true. We never pick a call, if we don’t want to talk to that person. Then how come you are helping us?

In this pandemic, we saw a frightful cut of. The people who were lucky enough were overloaded by work. They didn’t had a choice and were working day and night in order to keep their job safe. Hence, people were exceedingly busy in meetings and meeting their deadline. In such a scenario, if some depressed person called you then you can’t tell him that you are busy. You can’t tell them to call later. A depressed person will be in more depression after hearing such a response from you. So leave it and please don’t help anyone.

This pandemic has put almost everyone in depression. Some people are still struggling to meet their needs. But they are not losing hope and trying their best to search for a job. For such people “Do you need any help?” is nothing but a curse for them. Some people believe in themselves so much that they don’t take help from anyone. And thus, we think that they don’t need help. But such people badly need you because they are already in such a bad stage and they don’t want us to take their tensions. So in such a situation, please understand and try to help with their basic needs.

Some people need financial help. But money always puts our relationship into trouble. We understand someone’s needs yet we don’t help them because of only one reason and that is that we don’t want to break the relationship. Still I will express my desire to financially help someone at least not extensively but partially. This will at least maintain the relationship. Well, in the end it totally depends on you and how much you want to help. No force, no compulsion.

To all people who are in depression, talking does help. But it also depends on the person whom you are talking to. Because you never know when your secrets will be revealed by them. So, in order to fight your depression, you have to go to a psychiatrist and get treated. There is no shame in consulting a doctor. Brain is your part of the body and it has to be nurtured. What’s the use of eating healthy food but not giving the right instructions to your brain? Your diet will be useless if you don’t treat your brain well. So without any hesitation consult a doctor. Go out, take a walk, meet and greet people. And don’t depend on other people. Take a day off from your daily routine, and go for a small vacation or one day trip. Try to keep your house and surroundings clean. This will help in positive vibes. Pray and meditate everyday for your own betterment. Eat food on time and listen to good music.

Well, I need help… Please suggest a topic for my next post.   

Negatively Positive

Hello everyone! A very good day to all. We all have come to such a stage that we don’t know what will happen next. In India, we call this “Kalyug” which means “the age of darkness”. We don’t have any guarantee that we will live tomorrow or not. What will happen to us in the next phase is totally unpredictable. One such biggest example is this pandemic. I saw a few families celebrating the Covid survivors, while a few families were mourning. Even saw families with horrible shocks of death of their loved ones, one after the other. Prayers for those kids who lost their parents in such horrible situations. Governments are requesting to adopt such kids. But what to do, everyone has their own life. Everyone is still struggling with their job. Everyone’s job is still at stake. In such a situation adopting a kid and maintaining them is a huge budgetary responsibility.

But what’s the positive side of this pandemic? You will be thinking what’s the positive in this pandemic? “Positive” the word itself is negative now. Well, the positive side is that we all started taking care of each other. Started taking care of our health. Even though our eating habits are bad, we still drink decoction to keep our immune system healthy. We also started taking our job critically, and all of the above we came to know the importance of education and examination. Parents now don’t want their children to stay at home and study. They want their kids to go back to school and give proper examinations. If you remember, recently doctors went on strike because they got their MBBS degree but they are still not allowed to start their practice. So what’s the use of achieving the degree? So now, the “Positive” thing is everyone understands each other’s job role to perfection. Everyone is trying to fit in others shoes. 

A few days back, It rained in Mumbai. The winter temperature in Mumbai is 15degree. Mumbaikars find this temperature very cold because we are not accustomed to such weather. Since it’s very humid here, hence if the temperature goes down then we feel like we stay in a snowy area. Such temperatures affect our health. and hence all started giving signs of what coronavirus has. Now almost 9 people in 10 are positive, even if they are double vaccinated.

Whenever there is a new variant, Mumbai is the one who is affected the most. Why? not because we don’t take care of our health but because Mumbai never sleeps and the economy is on a daily basis. Mumbai has lots of street hawkers and we all are dependent on that. Hence without them we are like a handicap. The work life of Mumbai is pitiful and hence we depend on restaurants for our starvation. and hence we Mumbaikars can’t accept if the restaurants shuts due to lockdown. When the 1st lockdown was eased, all the businesses took utmost care of their customers. But now everyone wants business, and everyone wants other businesses to work. So sanitization has taken aback. Now what’s the positive in this? Well, the positive part is that we want “other” businesses to work and hence we knowingly and unknowingly help them to grow their business. and here again, since no proper sanitization hence we are only taking care of ourselves before and after visiting any restaurants or any other place.

One biggest positive side of this pandemic is local sight seeing. Well we all want to visit abroad. But since every country has their own quarantine rule, hence we started exploring our own country. If not a far destination then yes, a local destination. The tourism within the homeland has increased a lot. There were images / news on the internet of overcrowding tourist spots and people without masks. Well, we are the only ones who overcrowd the place and we are the only ones who sometimes say “no” to mask, so no need to point to others. Now here what’s the positive? The positive side is, even though we see that other person is without a mask and yet we “believe” them and “trust” them to not to be corona positive. We meet, we greet, we buy things from people who are without masks just on “trust and believe”.

I find this as the most “positive” and “cutest” thing on earth.

Well, this virus will take more time to breathe it’s last. But I’m sure, we will have a much better vaccine than before and it will be available in every house. Till then, wash / sanitize your hand, wear a mask, stay safe and stay Negatively Positive.