If No Style

Good old days, when we used to run outside to play with friends, with messy hair, no toys, old and stained clothes. Those days I will call it ‘SSC Board’ days. Slowly, things changed. Our A B C D became AE, BA, KA, DA. Literature became a very important vocal language. I call these days the ‘CBSE and ICSE boards’ days. This board not only teaches you to build confidence but also teaches you to be in style. This year 2021, everyone has style. This generation is a style generation. Girls have to be fit and slim to get fit in designer dresses. In this world of Zara and H&M, If you buy clothes from Big Bazaar Fashion then it’s a shame-shame. Everyone goes awful if u dont buy branded clothes. And If you buy cheap clothes then you will either be considered as poor or as Miser or even lazy.

But what if you genuinely don’t have style. Yes, I’m one of them. I don’t have style at all. I don’t buy branded clothes, I don’t have proper accessories for my clothes, no earnings, no hand bag, no make-up. I carry the same bag everywhere, I don’t care whether it matches my clothes or personality or not.

I don’t remember the last time I had a make-up set. It’s not that I don’t have money to buy (at least I have money to buy the basic ones) but I feel I don’t need it. It’s not that I’m beautiful or something, It’s like I feel, I don’t need it. If a normal cream can make my skin dry to normal then why to go for concealer or foundation. It’s ok for me. Not a big deal.

I am Happy with street clothes. I become very conscious if I buy branded clothes. I am very scared that it will get ripped off or the colour will fade, etc. Of Course the quality is good and comfortable , no doubt about that but still i’m ok with the 300 to 400 Rupees kurti leggings. At Least I can buy more. Some clothes take more than a year, some give up in a month, some in a wash only. But it’s ok.. As I am aware that it’s a low quality product and will not last long. In jeans, also I prefer to wear boys-type which is not ripped one, and not the skin touched. I want the free size jeans with proper pockets. So basically, I’m an old schooled woman, where I want all the products within a limited range, and I know I will get it somewhere on the street.

So, what’s My life, In No style. As i said earlier, People keep names if u dont have style. They think, im some sort of lazy person or must be very poor, who can’t afford these things. In Fact you are almost out of their group. and here u can actually judge them. Why need such friends in life. I have seen many people, who get in style only during specific n special occasions. yet they have beautiful non-judging friends. Seen many people who don’t have style yet have knowledge on brands and most important, they use their brain.

Style of course gains attraction  but According to me, whatever clothes you wear, just see to it that it should be decent and colour combination should be proper. Also, wear decent shoes because it is said that the first impression is always your shoes. No need for any accessories like bangles, earrings, etc. Use your brain when and how to talk. Use your intelligence. and if you have money, invest properly. U can buy branded clothes later also.

12 thoughts on “If No Style

  1. Simplicity and being neatly dressed is always class. Style and fashion , i guess, is purely our perception and situation based. Obviously we cant wrap towels around on head like models do on the ramp because then commuters will ask ” arey sar pe naahahi aur towel hathaana bhul gayi?” For me Simplicity is class. Being well dressed , as you expressed ,is very important and a pre requisite . Supporting your thoughts on behaviour, Yes! We should aim at being smart because being smart is rich as well as beautiful.

    • @aparna.. Totally agree with u. Neatly dressed and using brain is class. Fashion is good but beauty without brain is waste of that fashion

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