Without You I am Nothing, My Guru. 

Hello my readers! Today, 13 July 2022, India is celebrating its Indian Teachers Day. This Teachers Day not only includes Teachers, but also our elders, in fact everyone. This Teacher’s Day is called “Guru Purnima”. That means whoever he or she is, that person is Guru (Teacher) to me, if he or she has taught something to me. “Guru” means “teacher or expert” and “Purnima” means “night and day of full moon day”. This Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of “Ashadha” (Indian calendar month, usually first month of monsoon season i.e. usually June / July) month.

After a long time, I am writing a post on Guru Purnima. I want to thank all my elders, teachers, my gurus, my God, my youngsters, my friends and also you (my reader) for guiding and supporting me throughout. Without you, I am nothing. Right from teaching me how to talk and walk till opening the right door for me, you were always there. Whenever I am completely flummoxed, I think about you, and think what would be the guidance or solution to this. You have taught me so well that thinking about you itself gives me the right path. I’m diminutive compared to you.

Sadyojat Shankara, Chritrapur Math
H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji

A very big shout to all my elders, teachers, gurus, my god, youngsters, my friends, my readers, and not to forget my so-called enemies. Enemies, because even they have taught me to be alert, to be sharp enough, to be strong. So big big big thanks to all of you. Happy Guru Purnima. 

Without you, I am nothing, my Gurus.