Ganesha – The God of Beginnings.

In one of my previous posts, I had expressed negative views about festivals in India that festivals end up with bad news. This line didn’t go well with many people. I have many negative comments but thanks to wordpress, I have the authority to publish the comments which I want. So haters, you sit at home and enjoy this post.

Ganesh Chaturthi; hectic, vibrant and yet peaceful festival. Hectic because we have to do all the rituals, follow all the protocols to welcome Ganapati Bappa. Peaceful because, the moment Ganapati Bappa enters the house, you will automatically feel the positive vibes. The 10 days of Ganapati, not only bring peace but also bring all people together. As usual due to covid, this time too there will be restrictions. But I really miss this festival. Huge mandals, full on lights, staying awake the whole night with friends, playing some funny games so that we don’t get drowsy. We always come up with new slogans everytime, every year.

ek rupaiya ka chew gum, ganpati bappa singham..
garam Jalebi Fafda, Ganapati Bappa apda..
Kaha Chali Ho Goriya, Ganpati Bappa Moriya..
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ganapati Bappa Superstar..
Videocon Samsung, Ganapati Bappa Handsome..
ek do teen chaar, Ganapati Cha Jai Jai kaar…

Whatever the occasion is, or going somewhere, or buying new things, “Ganapati Bappa Moriya” is a must. Feeling scared or feeling lonely, Ganapati Bappa is always there. That’s the vibe of our Ganapati Bappa. In my childhood days, I used to visit almost all the nearby mandals. Stand in queue or sometimes pay them to get direct entry. My favourite mandals is the one which had short stories in it. I still want to go, but this covid has given full stop to all these mandals. I really enjoyed not only the story but also the creativity, the designs and the decorations. Creating such mandals requires patience and intelligence. Really, hats off to them.

Lalbaughcha Raja, Year 2015

The festival has been publicly celebrated in Pune since the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Peshwa rulers  were devotees of Ganesh, and started a public Ganesh festival in their capital city of Pune. In every city, the view is different. How can one can’t pay tribute to Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati in Pune and Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai. Making a plan to visit these two places is a must. That huge crowd going only in one direction, no coming back and then eating vada pavs and tea. Ha ha, we Mumbaikar never say no to vada pav. Always available 24×7 in Mumbai.

Ganapati Idol Made of many super heroes. Near NL College, Malad West, Year 2015

But when it’s time to say Goodbye, almost everyone’s eyes get moist. As if someone is going for ever and will never return back. Yes, I do cry when I see Visarjan (Immersion). For two reasons, first obviously, I don’t want this festival to end and secondly, the way we do visarjan, sometimes not saying bye in proper good rituals. Hence eco-friendly Ganapati idols are a must. But we still have to urge people to go for it. How did you forget that Goosebumps, while performing aarti, that bells gongs and tintinnabulation. Whenever I see any Ganapati Idols, I wonder how these Ganapatis are made? Awesome art work and creativity.

Ganapati Idol made up of polo (mouth freshener), Near NL college, Malad West, Year 2013

Well, how come no negative content this time? Well then here it goes. I really really really HATE the collection of songs played by DJs during Anant Chaturthi. Why you want to show “Sheela’s Jawani” (Sheela’s youthfullness) to Ganapati Bappa, before his immersion? and why you want him to tell that “Munni” is “Badnaam” (Munni is infamous for bad reasons) for him. Well, this time, I am 100% sure that  “Zalimaa” (Merciless) will definitely give “coca-cola” and will urge Ganapati Bappa to “bhuja” her “aag” (Merciless, please give me cocoa-cola and extinguish the fire within me). Seriously!! Ha Ha!!.. Do check out some more pics here

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!

Ganesh Chaturthi 2010 – The Festival Of India

August or September, depending on the cycle of the moon, in 2010 , Ganesh Chaturthi falls on September 11.  It is celebrated for the following 11 days (ending on September 22), with the biggest spectacle taking place on the last day called  Ananta Chaturdasi Day.

This Festival Begins with the installation of huge elaborately crafted statutes of Ganesha in homes and podiums, which have been especially constructed  and beautifully decorated. It’s forbidden to look at the Moon on the first night as the Moon laughed at lord Ganesha when he fell from his vehicle, The Rat.  On Ananta Chaturdasi (the last day), the statues are paraded through the streets, accompanied by much singing and dancing, and then immersed in the ocean or other bodies of water. In Mumbai alone, more than 150,000 statues are immersed each year !

Hindus worship idols, or statues of their gods because it gives them a visible form to pray to. they also recognize that the universe is in constant state of change. Form eventually gives away to formlessness. However, the energy still remains. The immersion of the statues in the ocean, or other bodies of water, and subsequent destruction of them serves as a reminder of this belief.

Ganpati Bappa Moraiya

Ganpati Bappa Moraiya

So, where can you see the most impressive statues of Lord Ganesha in Mumbai ?

-> Lalbaug: Laulbaug is the home to the towering Lalbaugcha Raja. However, a great deal of patience is required to see this famous statues as it draws millions of devotees. Ganesha Gulli in Lalbaug also has one of the tallest statues in the city, at 22 feet, with impressive decorations.

-> Ketwadi: This year the Khetwadicha Raja is diamond studded and sits in arcade of mirrors and ornaments.

-> Girgaum: The 82 year old display  has a 22 foot Eco-friendly statue. Last year it won a prize for “The Best Visarjan” from Siddhivinayak Temple.

-> G.P.O Fort : This display is an exact replica of the famed religious spot Vittal Mandir in Pandharpur. It’s been created by visiting Rajasthan artists.

–> Asad Nagar, Near Andheri Sports Complex, Andheri West: Famous for lavish sets, this year it has the saras baug garden of pune

-> DN Nagar, Andheri West : The Sarvajanik Ganeshotav Mandal is into its 41st year this yer. The statue has been given the royal treatment, making Lord Ganesha the king. It looks like a scene out of the movie Jodhaa Akbar

See More Ganesh Chaturthi Pics

Ganpati Bappa Moraiya

Ganpati Bappa Moraiya

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi