The Rhymester In Me.

Hi, Hello my readers. I wrote my last two posts in a rapidness. Since I don’t get time to write, whenever I get a topic or content, I finish in one time frame. I know the time when I get hits to my blog, and hence I always write content like a race, forgets to reframe the sentence and publish the same within 2 hours. I do so, because I am a little bit scared to publish the content the next day. I don’t know whether I will be free at that time to publish the same. And after publishing, I literally take an hour to promote the link on all social media. So after the sudden decision of writing and publishing within 2 hours, My mind is completely featureless to think about new topics. To get the topic, I started searching the internet, and started reading other bloggers’ posts so that I can at least get some hints from their posts. So was one post about life but in composition.

So I’m thinking of trying something new today. I have written many articles about my life, about my profession. But this time I want to try something new. So, what’s new? Well, I was thinking about the topic and it just came to my mind that I have never done poetry. So let me try this time. To be honest, I have never done poetry in my life. I have no knowledge how to frame it. And hence I don’t know whether you will have a soft angle for this or not. So give me a chance, and read my poetry. A poetry about achieving small things in life. Here it goes!

Thought of a beautiful night
But little tired now.

Thought of changed things
But not worth buying now.

Nights will be beautiful, Things Will be changed.
But all I need to change myself
All I need to be fresh again

Thought of tight hug, thought of  better shoulder,
and best is the kiss
But all these I gave a miss

Things can be better
Things can be changed.
So no need to cry in corner
all I have to get up
and start the day with fresh rain.

Thought of a beautiful night
and I got one.

Thought of changed things,
and I got one.

Things I will get
Things I will achieve
only because I have tried
and I have made the time for the things I like.

Ha Ha!.. Obviously it took a lot of time framing this poem. Do comment if you like this or hate this. But you will never ignore this.  Obviously I will publish the liked comment ones. I will publish the hate ones too, only if the content is proper 🙂 

Akhbaar (अख़बार) – Literary Work By Kalpesh Anand

Now-a-days, We all are going through tough times. Some are facing huge losses, some have to shut their business completely. The people who didn’t do anything in life, went into depression. Even students went clueless about their future. Yet we all are waiting for the good news. We have been told to stay away from news and media, so that we can stay happy but the truth is we can’t stay away from news because other than that we have other news as well. Love it or hate it – but we can’t ignore it.

This is nothing but a printed publication, a newspaper. Also known as Akhbaar (अख़बार) in Hindi. So, while checking out some content on the internet, I came across a condensed, compact verse written by Blogger Kalpesh Anand. The poem is called अख़बार and he has  solely mentioned how newspapers write more about bad things and very few about good things.

Kalpesh Anand, is a perplexed poet and his maximum poems are in Marathi n Hindi. Those who have a very good knowledge of understanding Marathi morphology will definitely love his way of expressing his ideas on any topic. He not only writes about politics but also has a deep understanding about life and love. He has followers from all over the world. Do follow his blog.

Well, here goes one of his masterpieces in Hindi Language

अख़बार के हर एक पन्ने पर मुद्दा कोई संजिदासा
पढ़के खबर हर एक मगर सियाही के जैसे बिखरसा
कुछ मर गए, मारे गए, कुछ पैसों के फेरफारसा
सच भी कभी छपता मगर दो लफ्जोंमें लपेटासा

बाजार में सजता गया हर जेब का रंग होलिसा
खेतों में और मरते रहे, न उगले जमीं कुछ सोनेसा
सियासत ने भी जब मूह खोला, लगता उन्हें साजिशसा
तपता रहेगा दिन मगर लगता रहा बारिशसा

न मनो इसे पर मनो भी हकीक़तसे मैं अन्जानासा
किसीको अगर लगता नहीं कर सकता हैं ये अपिलसा
खेलोगे तुम हारूँगा मैं कुछ बन गया दस्तुरसा
संजीदगीसे कहता हूँ, तू भी बन गया अखबारसा

He has expressed in his poem that the each issue in the newspaper is very serious and important. Truth was also revealed but it was in just two lines and was hidden by money. The argument in politics went off-topic. We try not to believe it, but we still believe it. And in the end, we all behave like a newspaper.