KitKat Or Cadbury And Why?

The first Sunday of August. Teenagers love this day and eagerly wait for it. From different types of friendship bands, hugging and now just wishing, we all grew up. 

I still remember, It was the “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” movie, from there a friendship band came into picture and it’s  still ruling. That time, I was in school and I even wanted to buy such bands. But in my school days, I had a very big gang. And I used to consider everyone as special friends. So, asking for money to buy a lot was a big task. So I did this; whatever bands I got from friends, I kept the one which I liked, the rest I tied to someone else, who were close.  And those who were not so close, I wrote “Happy Friendship Day” on their hand. Oh yes, we used to write “Happy Friendship Day”, “you are my best friend”, “Best friend forever”, etc on a friend’s palm. Also, I wrote on their shirt. Sharing chocolates or small gifts was also a must. Gifts, hardly I had shared, but yes, I shared chocolates a lot.

Chocolates were differentiated based on how good a friend he or she is. If she is my best friend then a big Cadbury dairy milk, and if not then some small xyz chewy chocolate. And If you share or get KitKat, then you will sit and cry in the corner. Because sharing a KitKat means breaking up. The KitKat slogan also says this, “have a break, have a KitKat”. So if you get KitKat that means the friends don’t want you anymore. And if you get dairy milk chocolate, it means the person loves you. But that also depends on size. If you get big dairy milk then, you are special else you are their second friend.

We had even judged our friends, based on which type of band they had tied us to. If they had tied us to a very low quality band then we said “ta ta bye bye” to such a friend. Never thought at that time that their parents must have not given them money to buy bands. Though, we all kids were in the same pool yet we differentiated. “Mere paas bhi paise nahi hai, phir bhi me kuch toh achcha bands laayi hu”. (Even though I don’t have money, yet I have bought good bands than her)

Friendships Day and mischief, is must. Friendships day and Raksha Bandhan festival falls in the same month. Sometimes, very close by. So such was 2001 year. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on 4th 2001, Saturday and friendships day on 5th, Sunday. Haa Haa!! Boys were too scared. What if they got Rakhi instead of Friendships band? Obviously, I also did that. I had tied Rakhi to one of my friend, instead of friendship band. Pity on boys.

This friendships day, sharing one of my 100-word content, which I had written in pandemic and had posted on Momspresso website.


A Wish And We All Gathered.

What should we wish when this pandemic is around?
Still a secret prayers were going on.

Days were hell, fighting with you all.
Yet we finally met, after years and again we all fell in love.

Don’t have words to express, how was my world that day.
A good bye hug, left me in mixed pain.

I wish you could all stay back a little longer.
A fine talk with you and take out few information, like a sweet stalker.

A wish and prayers is still going on,
Hope to meet you soon when this pandemic will gone.


© MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

Happy Friendships Day to all.. Be happy, stay safe.. and many many thanks a lot my readers for wonderful response on my latest blog post, “A Few Clicks To Remember“. Also, do read my post on friendship, “Supreme Companion“. 

Supreme Companion

Born in 1985, I have seen little evolution. I have seen paperwork to Computer Feeding, cassette to CDs, CDs to iPods / music players, computer floppy disk to pen drive, big drive to small sim card to micro sim card, landline to mobile, even from TV serials to web series. Still, this generation has seen a little. I will not say that this generation has seen all, because we haven’t seen a major transformation  of black-n-white to colour, haven’t seen struggles to get the things for, and many other major things, and hence we have seen few things. But, we are lucky enough to say that we have other options too. Like if you want mobile, but don’t want to spend much then we have options. We have the option to choose between desktop and laptop. We have the option to choose between channels too. Earlier that was not the case. Even in the case of humans, we have seen few. Few because, we, this generation don’t accept nonsense. We say ta-ta-bye-bye at once and for all. But what this generation really falls for is friendship. Rather than family, and loved ones, this generation depends more on friendships. Whether a gang or herd, people do have friends. Even if we ask for money, and for some reason they can’t give then we do understand it. This generation, only friends, is proper, outspoken and understandable.

Though we have friends, we have depression too. But friends are the one who will at least listen to you, if they can’t give a solution then they will at least be in touch with you or will make dinner plans with you. In short, they will be with you. Meeting your friends once a week is a must. Meeting your best people and hanging around with them helps in reducing stress and toxicity in our life. I have seen this in many families that when you make some big decision and share that with your family or relatives, all you get is some negative feedback with rubbish explanation. Mostly because of attachment and family members don’t think practically, they will always think emotionally and will give some food, water, excuses. But friends are those who will first make fun of you, because of that, the day doesn’t start. And then they will ask questions related to your decision. Then, they will give their positive or negative response depending on what we have answered to their questions.

Lucky are those who have friends for more than 7 years. It is said that, if the friend lasts for more than 7 years then he or she is your lifetime friend. You can easily trust them. You have seen them changing from best to worst, from unformed to matured. You have seen their low point to high point. From their failure to success and even their struggle. Lucky are those who have friends and who have seen their friends in the real world.

To be honest, I have seen this. Family members warn their kids not to make friends just because of their caste, colour and low background. But Kids never judge this. They just see their compatibility and happiness with the other person. So, a friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden. When low, a call or message from a friend is enough to make your day. It’s telepathy. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friends read our minds well, understand them and then only come to conclusions. And all conclusions are practical, not emotional.

Fights do happen, separation does happen, but they are treasures for us. We can’t stay poor without our treasure. Friendship is like our favorite food and we are crazy for it. We get trained automatically. This is the journey of life, where we meet and it’s awkward at first but slowly you get to know them. Its journey of life with high happiness, high expectation and also loss and suffering but it is unbearable without them. This is the journey of life, with huge success and huge failure but trying to get back is also huge. It’s fortunate enough to find someone like this.

Love is beautiful, friendship is better.

Chapora Fort, Dil Chahata Hai Point