Picture Talk – A Birthday Dish

Hey! Hello my readers. I have seen many blogs who do picture talk. So basically they write about what they feel and understand by just looking at pictures. Some picture talks were awesome. I never thought that this picture would give you such a message. While some picture talks were ok types. So, I’m trying my best and this is my first time that I am doing a picture talk.

Firstly, here is my picture.

Here are my views on this picture:
First of all, this picture reminds me of my childhood days. Yes, this was the way we used to celebrate birthdays. No parents, no return gifts, no fancy party, even no fancy dresses, just a few unhealthy items and one drink. That time our all time favourite drink was Rasna. Rasna is a mango drink and was very reasonable at that time. In cake, we all loved only Black Forest and Monginis was the one which was our favourite.

We kids never forget our friend’s birthday. We were more excited when we got to know that there are two birthday parties. We celebrated birthdays obviously by cutting cakes and then solo dances and then somewhat like club dance. The host’s parents never interrupted any party. The max time was 9pm. We all were obedient kids those days. We never asked for a return gift as for us, the food was only the return gift. The birthday food consists of a small piece of cake, potato wafers, potato samosa or potato vada, not more than 2 hard-chewable chocolates. That’s it. I don’t remember much, But we kids never asked for more pieces of cakes or chocolate or any other item. The Birthday party of those days!!!

Now my actual views because I am blogger and I have to give you all a lecture.
Whether it be a birthday party, or any small get together, this platter says “five fingers are not the same, yet stay together”. The combination of cake and potato chips are very unhealthy yet we enjoy balancing the taste. Without wafers, the sweet taste of cake becomes somewhat of a nightmare, after some time. So in life, You need to change yourself, in order to look attractive and presentable. We need to keep on changing our hairstyle or dressing sense because being in the same avatar for a long time becomes boring.

Then comes the drink. The drink is again sweet in taste, But now our throat is full of small particles and we want it to get removed. Also, the drink removes the existing taste from the mouth. Same way, sometimes it is necessary to remove the stuff from our house or from our life, in order to welcome the new good things in our house or life. Even though the old things are good, but change is necessary. Change is good. The cherries in cake, some kids don’t like this and they remove it. So, what’s the use of life if we don’t have some problems in it? The hard chewable chocolates are like the people from our very first peoples, whom we can’t ignore and still like them. These people are very difficult to understand but have a sweet nature by heart.

Conclusion (because the lecture should end)
Enjoy the birthday dish with a spoon, or with your hands. All will be together in your stomach, in your life. The next morning, you have to flush in order to eat some other food. So discard old items and buy new ones. Life and death are part and parcel of our lives. We have to accept the one whom we lost and accept the new people in our life.

—————————– The End —————————–

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Birthday Forte

The Birthday, the cake murderer, the happiest day of life, etc, etc, etc. Well, you can wish someone. But not compulsory. But yes, someone will feel better if you wish them. We all feel special when it’s our birthday. But what if we don’t get a message or call from the special one. We get angry and lose our patience and get irritated easily, if someone forgets our birthday. The game of forgetting birthdays is very old where the special person always behaves like he completely forgets birthday and then he will surprise you with gifts and all, but at the last moment.

Some take this very surprisingly, some take this in a very irritating way. I am the other person, who literally doesn’t care if you planned for surprise but keep me waiting for that one call. I get angry at such things. What’s the use of giving surprise, if you are harassing the birthday person for the whole day and then you say that it was a joke. This game is good only if you want to break-up. Girls will surely break-up if you forget their birthday. Hell with the surprises. In the case of boys, He will do it only if you are married to him, else not. Coz In marriage, you are not that special person anymore


So what is so much hype about birthdays? In India, when girls are born, very few people congratulate by heart. But we can’t blame them because our own family members are not happy when a girl is born. So when the girl grew up, at one point, she always got to know who all were happy and who were not. So slowly, that girl only starts losing her interest in her birthday celebration. Still, we girls always keep a hope that someone will make her forget what happened during her birth days. But Nope, Someone is always there to take out the topic, and the family members will keep their lips sealed. Because, they are still sad from inside.

Seen such families in this pandemic, where mother was covid positive. Still she had no choice and had to make food and even had to feed her toddler. Reason, toddler’s father never did this. But Why? Why did the father never tried to feed the toddler? In these bad times also, mother had to get up from bed taking all precautions without fail. What if the toddler would catch the infection? Nothing much, just a blame to mother. And then will wait for birthday or some special occasion and show that she is god and she is special for family. Of Course yes dear, she is special. What will the husband do if she dies tomorrow? The husband will be handicapped. In short, husbands are nothing without their wives. Anyways, The toddler and husband never caught the infection and mother too recovered from the virus. Thanks to god who saved the family by keeping her alive.

According to me, there is nothing special about birthdays. It’s just a few minutes of celebration, with cake or without cake, a few phone calls, replying to a few messages, etc. And then what? Then go back to your own work. To make someone special, you don’t have to wait for their birthday. U can bring cake anytime. You can celebrate each day by eating together, watching movies together (Good Movies please, not daily soaps or reality shows), in short, being together. Special treatment should not only given to the head of family or elder person, but special treatment by everyone to everyone. Everyone has to do the house course, Don’t wait for the women to do the dishes and all. In Short, If Women can earn and look after house and family members then why not boys. The day, when this is real, you don’t have to wait for birthdays to make someone special. You don’t have to wait to make and feel “her” special

Well, Happy Birthday to me.. Live and let live. Stay Safe.