Toned down the unwanted noise

2020 is the year, we were suppose to get to see advance technology. But what we are seeing is online school, with not-so-4G internet speed. Things got badly change from work-from-home to work-for-home-only. People who were busy are now more busy. N people who are free, are now bored to be free.

So blah blah blah corona virus… Blah blah blah quarantine. Blah blah blah getting bored.

But still life has to go on and kids has to study. So this online school came into picture. And so I am attending this online school. Yes.. I, myself, 35 yr old, website programmer has now taken admission to LKG (Lower kinder garden / Junior kinder garden). Teacher thinks that 4 year old baby is learning. But that 4 yr old baby is so busy with her beautiful face because her mother always tell her that she is beautiful n her hair is awesome. So she has to flaw her hair, her eyes, nose, sometimes teeth, etc.. So she is more interested in her selfie view. And I’m there, not in picture but as back stage, all my eyes and ears on teacher.

Kids are so smart these days that they will just see what clicks we do n yes, next time they will do it by their own. So their favorite time-pass is unmuting themselves. To make unwanted noise so that they get attention and then they get toned down and make ‘popat’ of them.


Aye popat…….


Scene 1:

Teacher: *mutes all*. No unmuting kids.

Kids: *unmuting*. ok teacher, will do.



Scene 2:

Teacher: Kids write this alphabet ‘A’.

Kids: No. I will not write.


Scene 3:

Teacher: *plays rhymes video*

Kids: *unmute, so that he can sing that rhyme*

Parent 1: Eat this first, u know this rhymes.

Parent 2: Go to washroom. Fast.

Parent 3: The rhyme is finished. Get up now.  Dont sleep.


Scene 4:

Teacher:  Kid please unmute yourself and tell me which toys u have.

Kid: *unmute and Cooker wishtles.*

Teacher: I didn’t hear you. Say loudly.

Kid: *Cooker wishtles.*


Scene 5:

Teacher: kid please unmute and say this rhyme.

Kid: *Unmute*

Teacher: I can’t hear you. Say loudly.

Parent : *Shouting at her husband * I told you that I want proper mic n speaker but u didn’t buy it. N now see the teacher can’t hear anything. 

Teacher: I can hear you ma’am.. Not your son. Please tell him to speak loudly.


Scene 6:

Teacher : So it’s craft time. We will do ear bud painting.

Kid: *unmute*

Parent: you leave. I will do it. U will do Timepass.


So we only do ‘popat’ of our-self.  and  teacher innocently toned down our unwanted noise.

So these are few. N there are more. Such incidents happens everyday. N now its actually annoying.

Wait.. I’m also in that list.


Teacher: Naisha please tell me about yourself.

Me: *unmute*

Where did u go.. Naishuuuuuuuu.. Come back now.. Fast…. Idiot.. 


We all know,  this time shall pass and we shall overcome one-day..  And we have to, else this mute-unmute game toh bahut lamba chalega.  (This game will go very far and long) .