A Better Teacher, A Much Better Women

So many things came in my mind, when I thought of writing something on “me”. Never planned to play different roles in my life; a kid, a teen, a grown up girl, women, professional, mother, etc. It all happened naturally. For that, I am very grateful to God.

To be very honest, as they say, “time heals everything” and “time files”, and thus, I don’t remember my childhood as such. All I know is that I never planned to be a website programmer. Never thought that one day, I will get the opportunity to develop online shopping cart and Facebook like applications. Trust me, not an easy job because I have to deal with hackers out there. (Yes, one of renowned website was hacked and was put up on twitter)

A Better Teacher, A Much Better Women

My Last Day At Work

So, when my motherhood started, I was in little tension because I had to handle my daughter by myself, coz I had shifted to a new place. Though I have everyone in my life, But all have their own plans and hence I can’t force them to be with me for my reasons. Days went on and off, nurturing my daughter, playing with her, teaching her and of-course, shouting at her.

Staying at home, to be a housewife, was not my cup of tea, but somehow, I don’t know from where this “teacher” came in me and I started teaching all the possible things to her. Right from nursery rhymes, till Solar System, My daughter knows everything. Teaching her is a wonderful experience. The expression she gives, when she doesn’t know the answer, itself is entertaining.

Don’t know where 6 years went, without coding, without checking on Facebook applications updates, without checking new versions of my programming language. It was 3rd March 2020, when I got to know that one company, nearby my house, is hiring only ladies who have a career break. So, I submitted my resume. And I was called for an interview on 7th March 2020 (Just one day before women day). I was so shocked, that I was still remembering a few codes from my programming language, and without wasting any time, they hired me on the spot. Unfortunately, lock-down was declared due to covid outbreak and since I had no helping hand, I had to say “no” to that company. Even though the company contacted me thrice after that. But god had some other plans. He gave me that strength to be with my daughter all the time, teaching her, playing with her, trying to make her perfect, but most important is it is more relaxing than the office stress. Other parents do take tips from me on how I teach my daughter, How I keep my daughter busy while doing house work, how I made her read  on her own, etc etc.

I am not saying that the office is bad. Earning is very good. In-fact I was the most workaholic person. But right now, my life has some other plans. Maybe in the future, it will be doing something else. Maybe, I will join some office, part time or full time.

And it is rightly said “woh stree hai, kuch bhi kar sakti hai.. ”
So don’t underestimate the power of a common woman.

Lady – The Living Legend

Be it a man or a woman, life always turns upside down for everyone. Some say man’s life is best  and some say women’s life is best. One day, I asked my friend to give her opinion. She said man’s life is best because their tensions are valid. They have job tension, which is valid. Tension regarding educating their children, which is again valid. Food, expenses, earning, all are valid tensions. But women, not only go through this, they also go through unwanted tension and that tension society gives her. Like, her clothing, her cooking style, her hair and speaking tone. Yes society judges her on the basics of her speaking tone too. Man, if not good at bed then its ok, But if a woman is not good or she doesn’t conceive then it’s a big problem and a shame for society. Here comes the most educated people from our own side and tries to educate us, because they believe that they have ‘experienced’ it.

Charity begins from home. This famous quote applies not only for charity but everywhere. To change the mindset of society, we have to change the mindset of our own  people. But yes, we can’t change them. Because they have their own background and cultures. Here, I’m not saying that they are bad, I’m saying that at least women should have “courtesy” to understand their own daughters. But all they see is our clothing, our cooking style (which is almost western now), our ways of working in the office, etc. For every reason, they believe that  our office work has impacted us. This might be true, but not 100%. Same way, society questions men too. But It’s a valid one “Koi kaam-thanda nahi hai?”.. (Don’t you have work?) How much do you earn? (because, salary should be revised according to your need) .

Lady - The Living Legend

Lady – The Living Legend

Yes, all should earn and everyone has the right to earn, not only boys. Even we girls, feel great when we get a salary in our hand. It is rightly said, Don’t ask man, their salary and don’t ask women their age. Because men don’t earn for themself and women don’t live for her. But if this is true then please don’t ask women to do not-so-possible things. Right from house work, till earning , educating children, thinking about their clothes, thinking about the up-coming events,etc. Ladies even have to keep in  mind about what gift was given last year. If this is a lady’s job to keep such things in mind, then why blame that she keeps everything in mind. We can’t train our mind to be different in different situations.

So what’s next? What’s the solution? As I said earlier, Charity begins from home. If we want our elders  to change, then it is us who should explain them, fight with them, and make them understand that such things are not wrong. If We succeed, then no one will dare to ask you that stupid question- “What? you are still not married… “