The Distinguished Konkani Cuisine Of India

Who doesn’t like food. Everybody is a foodie here. In this world, we have all the food and in India, you will get all the country’s food. In every corner, in every restaurant you will find all kinds of food. Whether it is North Indian food, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, etc. all kinds of food is available in India. It is rightly said by “Irish Proverb” that “Laughter is brightest where food is best.” So why travel the world when you have everything in India.

In India itself you will find different varieties of food like North Indian, South Indian, Konkani food, Malvani, Mogalai, Hyderbadi, Goan, etc etc etc.. The list is never ending. How can I forget “Maharashtrian” Food. But the one which I want to specify is about “Konkani” food.

I personally found this food very unique, very interesting and sometimes shocking too. Because you will never imagine certain food in the gravy form. Have you seen Jackfruit (Kadgi Gashi) gravy? Have you seen mango (Sasav) gravy? All this Gravy food, people have it with rice. Rice is the staple food in Konkani. It is rightly said by “Paul Prudhomme” that “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” Trust me Guys, These foods taste awesome.

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In the history of cuisines, Konkani Cuisine is one the most delicious cuisines you could come across in India. Konkani food traditionally and  historically tends to have a lot of seafood in addition to Indian based seasonings. The use of coconut in food is also popular, giving Konkani cuisine a characteristic taste. There are many famous konkani foods like shark (Mori Masala) curry that are popular along the Konkan coast. Solkadhi is an appetizer made from coconut milk and kokam. It is usually served with kombdi vade (Chicken Gravy), fish and mutton Malvani. Bangda fry (Mackerel fish) is a popular dish, especially in Mumbai. In India, Mumbai is the best place where you will get all kinds of and all varieties of food.

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It is rightly said by “Julia Child” that “People who love to eat are always the best people”. If you have the right company then you will enjoy not only this konkani food but all other varieties of food too. “Cesar Chavez” said, “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”

And last but not the least,”Virginia Woolf” said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if he has not dined well.” So, do taste the konkani food, Do let us know the restaurant name and place where you have found excellent food.

Eat well.. Sleep well.. May god’s child don’t sleep hungry tonight.

Top 5 Meals That Will Get You Good Sleep

For remaining mentally sharp and productive throughout the day and for ensuring that you are emotionally balanced, having a sound night-time sleep is critical.

Rather than seeking help in the form of chemically-formulated sleep meditations that are often addictive and are known to have serious side-effects, it is better to opt for natural aids. The safest and probably the mos undemanding solutions to all your sleep problem is food.

Following are the five dinner meals that will help to optimize you overall sleeping pattern and halt your progress towards serious complications due to sleep deprivation such as insomnia:


1) Whole Wheat Rotis With Potatoes.

Most Carbohydrate sources, particularly those rich in complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat are recommended for ensuring better sleep. This can be easily used for dinner by opting for whole-wheat flour. Rotis made from such flour helps you to promote sleep by stimulating release of insulin. This hormone is stimulant for ensuring that tryptophan is directedtowards the brain . Here, tryptophan is metabolized into serotonin which in turn is the primary biochemical for establishing a general feeling of wellness. It fights stress or anxiety-induced sleep disturbances. Ideally, these rotis should be combined with at least one potato-based dish. Potatoes are known to breakdown the acids that interfere with the metabolism of tryptophan.


2) Spinach Combined with Low-fat Yogurt

Whether consumed with whole wheat chapattis or brown rice, spinach is a recommended dietary sleeping aid. Most leafy green vegetables like spinach are a rich source of iron that is vital to neutralize a common sleep deterrent referred to as Restless Legs Syndrome. This condition is actually a form of subdued hyperactivity or an anxious reaction to any persistent thought that prevents onset of sleep. A recommended combination with spinach is having low-fat yogurt. This is a proven source of magnesium and calcium. These two micronutrients are essentially sleep-supportive minerals that promote deeper, more relaxing sleep. Eating yogurt with spinach is also recommended to ensure that absorption of iron is comprehensive.


3) Beans With Flax Seed Rotis

Beans in form of kidney beans are a rich source of B vitamins including Folic Acid, B6 and B12. These are vital, sleep vitamins, i.e. they help in regulating the sleep cycles and assist metabolic process related to serotonin. This is why vitamin B supplements are commonly recommended to people diagnosed with insomnia. Flax seed or Alsi is commonly used as a fiber and nutrition resource in the form of flax seed oil or as a flour ingredient. A bit of grounded flax seed should be added to the whole wheat flour. Flax seeds are enriched with Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help to fight-off sleep disturbances like stress by aiding the complete absorption of serotonin.


4) Cauliflower/ Kale (Javi) With Whole Wheat Rotis

Many green vegetables are a natural source of Tryptophan. Among these, Kale or Javi is recommended for dinner. Javi also contains biochemicals that fight-off anxiety. When combined with tryptophan-boosters like whole wheat bread or rotis, it acts like the perfect sleep-promoting meal. If you cannot find Javi in your area, you can use cauliflower or cabbage.


5) Cooked Lentils With Brown Rice

Carbohydrate foods that are high in fiber tend to aid the gradual release of Tryptophan, ensuring that the stress-fighting capabilities of Tryptophan are sustained over a longer period. Among these high-glycemic foods like Brown Rice are recommended which can be combined with cooked dals. Lentils are another high-tryptophan food item. These are easy-to-digest and also provide the body with essential proteins.