Ananth Chaturthi 2011

“Ganpati Bappa Moraiya… Purcha Varshi lavkar yaa… Ganpati Gela Gavala… Chain padena amhala… “

This year My ganpati festival was lost… Missed all kinds of  gestures of Ganpati .. Missed the story based ganapti…

I was unbelievable for me that very soon the ganpati festival ended.  And this time my mobile also didnt supported me . Due to which this time no  much snpas of gnapati. Also snaps of laubaug cha raja got deleted 😦

But I took decision and ordered myself that I will see Anant Chaturthi..

So here are some pics of anant chaturthi 2011. Click on the image Below to see more snaps or click here

Ananth Chatruthi 2011

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Anant Chaturthi 2010

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“Ganpati Bappa Moraiya, Purcha Varchi Lavkar Yaa…

Ganpati Gela Gavala, Chain Padena Aamahla….”

Really It seems that the 12 days of ganpati is  very less.. Saw lots of ganpati but still it feels that I saw nothing.. Here are some of the images of 12 th day of ganpati virsarjan… All these Ganpati are from Dhanukar wadi – charkop area (Kandivali west).

Click on the Image Below to find Real snap of anant chaturthi 2010 or go to this link

Anant Chaturthi 2010

From ananthachaturthi 2010

Wait… Wait…. Theres more to go…

here are some of the images form goregaon(west), malad(west), kandivali(west), borivali(west)…

these images are of one and half day ganpati, 5 days ganpati.. etc..

Most amazing ganpati, I saw, was at malad west , near NL college S.v. road. This Ganpati consist of 21, 000 polo with very good story that rancho from 3 idiots is not our guru.. you have to complete your education first and then think of career…

below is the image of ganpati which consist of 21, 000 polo.

click on the image below to see the real snap of ganpati or go to this link

Real snap of ganapati 2010

Ganpati Bappa – Real and Random Snaps

Want to see some Video ?? What Say ?? Here you go …

1) Ganpati @ Kandivali West, Ganesh Chowk

2)  Ganpati @ Goregaon West , Piramal Nagar

3) Ganpati @ goregaon West , Station Road. This Ganpati is in first three position in ganpati contest festival

4) GSB Ganapti @ Wadala , Wadala Depot

5) Ganapti@ Kandivali West, Station .