The Lost Letters

Hello my readers. A very good day to all. We have almost completed 3 months of 2023 and covid is still around. It’s good that we all know how to deal with it now. But don’t forget, we still have some idiots out there.

This covid brought us an OTT platform, and believe me this is the best thing that has happened these days. Even the series are much better than the daily soaps. But recently, I have almost stopped watching web series and prefer watching songs on YouTube or go for some cartoon movies. Because the web series and even the movies have more foul language and less dialogue. In such a series, even kids say ‘f**k off’ to their parents. Such foul language makes me uncomfortable. Not because my daughter listens and watches it, but because the dialogues contain only such words and no pleasant words at all. The letter is lost. The Letter ‘L’. ‘L’ for ‘Lenient’. Meaning; mild, tolerant, not harsh. So I also did f**k off to such series and movies.

Scrolling through social media is my time pass. Mostly I watch all the dance moves. But recently, I am back with my coding memes. Feels like I am slowly developing my love again. But soon, I literally started ignoring the stuff I love. and I started commenting on the random stuff who ‘think’ they are great and ‘Think’ that they are educating us. So I give them one tight slap comment. Lets see how far and for how much time it goes far. Here, the Letter E is lost. ‘E’ for ‘Enthrall’. Meaning; To hold something interestingly or someone’s attention. So I am wasting my time on watching those videos and commenting on them and also generating revenue for them.

This social media or OTT platform, makes us more depressed. Even comedy movies are not so comedy anymore. Infact, they show dark stories in a comedy way. We find our relaxation in  television, but we end up wasting time in searching for a good channel or good movies. The happy ending doesn’t have any happiness in it. In fact it gives the feeling like “thank god, the movie got over”. Such movies and social media have the missing letter ‘T’. ‘T’ stands for ‘Tranquility’. Meaning; a feeling of calm, an absence of excitement. There is absolutely no calmness in social media and no excitement in watching those 100Cr club movies.

I sometimes don’t understand what message the movie wants to convey. Recently I saw one movie, where the government denies help to the finest agent making him the most wanted villain. The villain, not only smart in reading the minds of criminals, but also master in technology. So, why do movies portray that the government is actually the villain and will never help the finest person in the world, Making the Letter ‘T’ missing. Here ‘T’ stands for ‘Towering’, Meaning; great importance or influence. I greet such movies with boos and hisses.

The Lost Letters

As I mentioned earlier, movies and social media are entertainment for us. But the behavior I developed is embittered. I become very edgy sometimes. Movies are no more entertainment now. They are more of actions and crime, even portray their own family members as villains which forces the letter ‘E’ to get out. Here ‘E’ stands for ‘Emulate’. Meaning; Try to do something good. Still waiting for good movies.

Such movies are razzle-dazzle. I think after covid, all movies left the letter ‘R’. ‘R’ stands for ‘Ruminate’. Meaning; think deeply about something. Actually, many months, I guess years have passed, movie aftermath, I haven’t thought deeply about the script. “Why and how did it end like this? What was the link? How did it get connected?” etc etc. Only one think come in my mind is “When will this movie end?”

Movies never forget their disclaimer. “Smoking is injurious to health”, “Drinking is injurious to health”. But the script and mainly VFX is such that all teetotalers will start drinking and smoking. Sorry ‘S’ no space for you. Letter ‘S’ Stands for ‘Satiny’ (finishing like a satin) or ‘Snugly’ (comfortable, sheltered and warm) or ‘Sanguine’ (Optimistic and positive). So in the end, a depressed person will be more depressed. because all the LETTERS are LOST.
L – Lenient
E – Enthrall
T – Tranquility
T – Towering
E – Emulate
R – Ruminate
S – Satiny or Snugly or Sanguine.

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