Friday Or Friyay

Hello my readers!! Today is “D-Friday”. Yes happy FRIYAY. We all wait for this day from Sunday evening. Obviously, we all start making plans for the upcoming Friday. Some get success in executing their plan and some do not. So how’s your Friday? Well, here is mine.

Image Courtesy @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

Long back, In olden days, I used to work. I had a proper office, a proper boss and a proper colleagues. Not joking. Yes, Once upon a time, I used to earn. I was a website developer. To be more precise, backend website programmer. Back then, there were separate roles for developing a website. Backend website programmer means, I use to code; how and where the data will store, how and from where the data will be visible on the website, the validation like proper email address, proper mobile number, the coding for like, dislike, comment, post, delete, the report generation for clients, how client will see the data, the analytics, the sentiments, etc. Now programmers do all the work, right from the look and feel of the website and the backend part also. So, for such work, weekends were a little nightmare.

Like you all, even I waited for Friday just for relaxation. But since all my companies were media companies, all major work was executed on weekends. Though I hardly worked on weekends because we were trained to write automated code for everything. But for that, we had given up our Friday nights. To make my work run smoothly on weekends, my Friday night was hectic. If no extra work from clients, then the weekend was in relaxation mode, else not.

In one of my companies, Saturday was a usual working day. So, we work in our usual mode. But this client came across a unique idea on Saturday evening, not only made our Saturday night hectic, but also made us work on Sunday as well. After all if and else, the client apologized for his unique demand. But what is the use? The damage was already done. Because it was Sunday evening. Though the company usually gives one day off, if we work on Sundays, but that holiday was after the completion of the project. So, when the project gets complete, we have either completely forgotten about that compensatory off or we have already started with the new projects.

But this was not every weekend story. Sometimes, we said “Yippee” on-time, from work on Friday. But in such situations, I was always blank and hence I ended up watching already seen movies on TV (That time there were no smart TVS, no amazon prime, no Netflix) and ordering food from restaurants.

So how’s my weekend now? Since I am at home, I prefer to sleep on weekends. I make plans for Fridays like watching movies, going to the mall, etc. But end up lying like a dead lizard. Going to the mall or any other public places on weekends makes me tired. Because there is a huge crowd and lots of noise. I find no peace in such places on weekends. So I avoid going out on weekends. If planned, then I prefer travelling in morning hours and will get return by afternoon or evening.

So kinda boring right? Yes. It is how it is. When surrounded by friends, I prefer to be at home  and when surrounded by my own people, yet I prefer to be at home only. I’m not against going to the mall and all, I prefer going on weekdays, when there is less crowd. 


This is my Friday, and yours?