Wisdom In The Forest

There was a young traveller,
who journeyed far and wide
he pondered over words he heard
and sights that he espied.


He travelled to those places
Where rich and poor both stayed
Where silks and jewels jostled among
Cotton clothing frayed.


Men were separated by
The tiniest of things –
Wealth or Education
Or what ‘different thinking’ brings.


None seemed to be aware –
They shared sun, wind and sky
their dreams and fears were all the same
the same things made them cry.


He travelled through the jungle
where animals had their home
Where lion as the uncrowned king,
And deer and bison roam.


He came to their watering hole
To see a gentle sight –
Both lion and the timid deer
Drink in fading light.


Around the muddy edges
The animals gathered free
knowing that they were all safe
in this sanctuary.


None was king, none was prey
As equal each one stood
Greatful for the Watering Hole –
The Giver of the Good..

Wisdom In The Forest

— Little Ravikiran
— Created and complied, with love by Archana Savnal & Jyothi Divgi
— Published in ‘The Chitrapur Sunbeam’, Vol. No. XXIII, Issue No.1, January 2016