Keep On Wishing

“Oh! look at the shooting stars. Let’s make a wish”. We laugh at such statements now. But earlier we never missed a chance to make a wish, whenever we saw a shooting star. In my childhood, I sat for hours to see shooting stars just to make a wish. Ya, less pollution then. But what was my wish at that time? To give at least passing marks in science. Haha! but yes, science is something I am not fond of. Even after high school, I decided to go for a diploma and engineering in Information technology rather than taking science in college. Because I knew, I was never gonna make those PCM marks (Physics, Chemistry, Maths). So such was my wish in my school days.

Well, there was one more way to make a wish and that was keeping an eyelash on the backside of the palm, make a wish and then blow them. If the eyelash flew in one blow that means your wish will be true, else bad luck. In that also, there was a rule, you should not remove your eyelashes by yourself. It has to fall down on your chicks or eyes, on its own. Yes, I even did that. If the eyelash flew in one blow, then I used to be ecstatic.

But now, do we make wishes in such a way? Well, I still do and I know you do it too, but secretly. I still hope for some miracle. I still hope for the time machine to take me back. Whenever we are sad, or need something very badly then we secretly pray for it. We cross our fingers to make that wish come true. We all know that without asking someone or without hard work, we will not achieve things. But still, we do less hard work and we never ask for it. I mean, we work hard but we are already so overloaded by our personal work that we hardly get time to live our dreams and hence we do less hard work for that dream.

Sometimes, we see a dream and if we achieve something in that dream, then the next day we communicate a lot with God to make our dream come true. Does a dream really come true? Well yes, but again it depends on your hard work. Some people really work hard to get their dreams true but when their dreams are almost in their hands then they leave them behind. Why? only one reason and that is responsibility. We do have lots of money but when it’s time to buy a new house or a new car then we leave that dream behind because we have to invest that money for something bigger and something useful. Middle class people go through this everyday. Despite gigabucks, they can’t achieve their dreams. Despite being profitable, money gets spent on some backlog loans.

So, who can make a wish? I know it’s a meaningless question, but we must help the needy to achieve their wish. We all wish for this, we all wish for that, but what we actually need is lots of money to start, process and complete our skill. Not because we are greedy, but because of the increasing price of each and every product. We have 1 lac to spend but we don’t spend it because we have only 1 lac and that can be used in an emergency. Right from foods to medication, all prices have reached the sky limit. Even our salary increases but our salary doesn’t win the race with the rest of the things. Sometimes our salary doesn’t even participate in such competitions. 

Then what’s the solution for this? Well, this is not practical for all. Because the solution is “Simple Living And High Thinking”. Since everyone is lucrative and hence everyone wants other people to have a little better standard of living. If not a lavish vacation, then at least the house and the ambience of the house should be good. You will be noticed and welcomed by all, if your house and ambience is good enough. And hence people do spend a lot. Even if we achieve our dreams, we still leave them behind because of our expenses. Simple living is not possible in today’s world but yes, if we try to reduce the expenses in other things then definitely one day we will reach the sky limit.

And above all, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. Keep on dreaming, keep an eye on shooting stars. Trust in your dreams. You will definitely celebrate the success one day. Make a wish tonight. Well, the time to make a wish at night is 11:11pm. Do check it out on google.

4 thoughts on “Keep On Wishing

  1. Great Write up and Good Flow of the entire sequence of events! I was wondering that it started with the Luck Factor and then got completed to our Dreams!

  2. Well … the first star in tbe evening sky fulfils the wish..i still times.its not th3 first star…lol..lekin kya farak padta hain..hume to maang liya…rofl..lekin ..wishes do come true…my experience..

    Galaxies have tremendous poteltial to work in our favour. Universe has got our back .. so keep wishing..dreaming..

    Lovely thought … nicely written.. keep dil maange more..

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