Busy Never Stops

When you get bored, what do you do ? In this “work from home” world, you will get ignored maximum times. You will keep on waiting for someone to be free. It is rightly said, “Some talk in their free time and some free their time to talk to you”. This work from home culture has forced me to fall in the first category. I was the one who knew to talk even if I was busy. If I was extremely busy, I still used to pick calls and request them to call later. But Yes, I used to respond immediately. Now since I pick-up calls and reply to any message quickly, I am literally taken for granted. People started thinking that I have ample free time. “Busy” And “extremely busy” are two words which has more value now.

But still, Whenever I get “ping”, I always have a smile on my face. I always respond as quickly as possible. Not because I’m free, Because some conversation has to be quick and funny or serious at that time only. But, we can’t do anything if we are on their ignore list. I find this very funny. People say they are busy. But they have time to check each and everyone’s WhatsApp status. Though I should not comment negatively on this because I want people to check mine and click on my blog links, But it’s funny.

According to me, no one is free. Everyone is busy. But it’s up to you how to take out your time. By saying all the time that you are busy, no one will value you in the next moment. Expecting someone to understand your busyness is foolish. Stop at once. You will lose what you had. And we should also stop wandering around them. Because they don’t know how to take time, So they will never be free for you. You can’t do anything if you see someone going away from you. Don’t disrespect yourself.

Busy Never Stops. It is something that keeps on going. It is not weak, prideful, or foolish to take one day, one hour, one minute for you. Reading books or following your hobby is good. I am not saying to be in touch with people all the time. But yes, talking to someone heals a lot more than books and following hobbies. So, where is the joy in pinging? It’s like, you will still be in touch, by responding to their post or pic. You will automatically get a response, but a general response. but it’s ok. At least the funny or serious conversation will start for a moment. Usually the conversations are funny and hence there are chances of that conversation to be lengthy. To relax your mind, You have to take out some time for conversation, Whether it is a call or message but at least be in touch. Don’t wait for you to get free and then reply. Because work never stops, Work will never wind up, things never stop, Your imagination never stops, Your Planning never stops and IT SHOULD NOT STOP. Being busy is good, VERY GOOD but as I said, learn how to spare time. Time is always available for ease and relaxation.

9 thoughts on “Busy Never Stops

  1. The more we relax the mind Deepika the feeling of busy dissolves into love, fun and service. We always have things to do…..or fun things to explore. All is in the mind. Keep up the good blogging work.


    • Thanks alot ryan for appreciating my blog.

      As written, its totally depends on us. If u want to talk to someone or explore some place then no matter how busy we are, we will manage yo take time for it.

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