Aaj Khaane Me Kya Banau?

So… What should I make for lunch/Dinner?

That’s the biggest question. And wait, that’s not a married women question or mom’s question, that’s the question of every individual who is responsible for their or someone’s life.

Here goes our unused or precious mind on work. Here is what our mind actually works and takes all the pressure of thinking all kind of veges / non-veg / Italian / Brazilian / Srilankan. And so we end up cooking very simple food or ordering from Swiggy (No minimum order).

Maggie tastes much better if we add onion, tomato, paneer..

aaj khaane me kya banau?

But “Aaj Khaane me kya banau?”, what this question mean to you. (Good meaning re!! no double meaning)
— Is that someone needs your attention?
— Is that someone needs a topic to start communication?
— Or is that someone is actually worried for menu?
(I know, hunger ka saamne kuch bhi nahi)

Different situations, different story.

The point is not what we prepare. The point is how tasty we make?. You know, even karela (Bitter Gourd) can be sweet, of-course by adding sugar. So the question is, how tasty we make?

Same is the situation with our life. It is how we handle by adding sugar in our “Karela” life.

Some prepare food on slow flame, some on high flame. Slow cooking actually makes the food tasty. But some people are in hurry, so they need fast cooking. Same with life, some decision are slow, some are fast. Some may love the outcome, some may not. But at the end, its how tasty it was?

Some food taste good, but look very weird. A dash of kotambir (Coriander) helps to look boring food into excellent. So,
— Always keep your house clean.
— Don’t forget to dress up properly.
— Its not necessary to have fancy item at home, its about keeping things in place.
— Everything should be up-to-date and in-place.

I understand, everyday you can’t do the same stuffs. You can take a day off. But only 1 day, not 2 days.

So ask yourself, What will be the new thing in your life today (Aaj khaane me kya banau)?

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