Love is expressed in the strangest ways
Sometimes I just don’t get it –
(We should have rules to say what’s done
And then, like jelly, just set it).


Take for example my mixed-up cat
He sleeps throughout the day
And when it’s night, he’s wide awake
And meowing and wanting to play.


He loves me most so when I’m sleep
He runs over my hair and head
And with unleashed claws prods me awake
Then hides under my bed.


Why would TV show cartoons all day
If they were not meant to be seen?
But my mother allows me just one hour
“That’s love, my dear! I’m not mean!”


My Teacher gives me pages to write
A job I’d rather shirk
“When you’re grown and people admire your hand
You’ll thank me for setting you work!”


Shops stack goodies shelf upon shelf
But my father does not agree
That all those goodies have been kept there
Especially for me.


Love is expressed in the strangest ways
And though I don’t always get it
I’m sure when I’m big, it will all make sense
I may as well wait and just let it.



— Little Ravikiran
— Created and complied, with love by Archana Savnal & Jyothi Divgi
— Published in ‘The Chitrapur Sunbeam’, Vol. No. XXIII, Issue No.2, February 2016


One of the best for Tangy Tuesday Picks, edition dated March 22, 2016. (Blog Adda)

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