Save The National Animal of India – Tigers

The Tiger (Panthera Tigris).. The National Animal of India is on the brink of extinction. A country known as the “Land of Tigers” does not have many left. Not more than 1500-2000 Tigers roam around in the wild. We are not killing Tigers, We are killing ourselves. Let this beautiful creation of God live. SAVE THE TIGER before its too late.



The tiger, one of the most magnificent animals in the world, is also one of the most endangered. A cat of beauty, strength, and majesty, the tiger is master of all and subject to none – except humans. Of the eight original subspecies of tigers, three have become extinct within the last 60 years; and there are less than 50 South China tigers left on this planet – few, and possibly none, survive in the wild.

What WWF-India is doing to save the tiger?



3 thoughts on “Save The National Animal of India – Tigers

  1. we have to save them we saved the eagles from extinction we can do the same for the tigers help them we cant just sit here and do nothing let them down animals have feeling like us we r just like them like all living creatures we have to help them charites do not work we have to have a law

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