Take And Make Some Time

Make Time For Things  You Love,

Means  Take Some Time For Those Things , you Love.


We all Know That We are very busy now-a-days,

And we  hardly get time to take and make  time for ourselves.

But if you want to run after success,

then you have take time for youself..


You have to take lots of small- small holidays from your work schedule.

You should keep your mobile aside, when u are doing your favorite things.

i.e. Take some time and Make Some time for things you love.


Take Some Time“, Beautifully written by Leon  Hansen,

where he has mention to Take some time,

to do each and every thing, right from sunrise till sunset.

This beautiful phrases was published  in “A 6th Bowl of Chicken Soup For The Soup

By The #1 New York Times & USA Today best selling Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen


Read This, I Know That you will Love This.

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