The Coordination Of Travel And Smile.

We smile our heart out, whenever we think of travelling. But there are various types of travel and our smile is attached to it in a different way. Be it you, Be it me, we all have dreams and when we get intimation that our dreams will get fulfilled, we smile with our heart out. Here are a few chapters, where the travel and smile are co-related.


Chapter 1: ‘Travel’ the word itself says to proceed from one stage to another. Heart and smile reunite when we hear the word ‘travel’. Mentally, we already reached that destination and starts to enjoy and then eagerly wait for D-Day. Days goes on, we do planning of how and when to visit the tourist spot. We do shopping, in-short a sweet sleepless night. But there are few fights over hotel stay, over money, etc. some back-out, some stays and whoever stays tries to bring the other person in. And  then the day arrives. Excitement, thrilled, happiness, all around. and puffs, 6 days gone in 6 minutes. Right ? And the mental and physical tiredness of coming back home is another stage of ‘proceed’ travel.


Chapter 2:  ‘Travel’ the word itself says to move on. Your heart and smile will reunite when you get a call from your special ones. They can be anybody. Talking to them feels awesome. We go into an imaginary world while talking to them. And that sweet sleepless night to call them back on some another day. And slowly there are fights again. But this time, you will be aware not to get into a serious fight. And then the day arrives, we meet, that excitement and happiness is another stage to ‘move on’ from your current life.


Chapter 3: ‘Travel’ the word itself says to progress. Your heart and smile will reunite when you come to know that you will get promoted. Mentally, you will be in your ‘senior’ position and enjoy ur bossy nature. And then you will have a sweet sleepless night till you get promoted. And that excitement when u get your promoted offer letter, is another stage of ‘progress’ travel.


As such, there are more chapters. Different angles, different situations, All you have to make is to coordinate your smile with your travel.